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THINK THANK update premier dates

Here are the premier places, dates, times and such. we’ll keep everyone updated on the TBA’s as they become confirmed. also attached is a copy of the new ad in the Frequency “photo issue”, and a copy of the front and back cover of the vid.


-ASR September 9th or 10th in the show at the ALLY booth, (also some possible pirate style shit-TBA)
-Reno Fritz’s September 15th, 8pm
-Anchorage Ak Boarderline/Indo Sk8 Park September 24th
-Seattle Wa Premier Club doors @ 8pm September 29th
-Vancouver B.C. – TBA
-Boulder Co Sattelite – TBA
-Gunnison Co – TBA
-Bellingham Wa – TBA
thanks brain!

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  • Adam

    Jesse is the best tip grabber ever. Everybody from Service knows that 😉
    He is 100% machine; firing up the Think Thank crew, bangin out the best of the Northwest steeze. You should consider yourself lucky to meet him. Luckier to be his friend.
    Oh Word?
    You Lib bastards should cater to his every whim.