#4.4 Photobook

Mt Baker, WA – frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal has shipped our latest and greatest, #4.4 — The Photobook — to all of our subscribers, shops, VIPS, and bookstores. Featuring a year-long photo documentation by five of snowboarding’s best lensmen, #4.4 takes readers from Chile to Vermont to Whistler to Mt. Baker and back again, through summer powder sessions in South America, to late-fall sessions in Tahoe, to winter in Switzerland, Spring in Norway, and back to summer at Mt. Hood, frequency breaks beyond the usual photo annual format to capture a true coffee table yearbook. Featuring the riding of Travis Rice, Nicholas Mueller, Shane Flood, Terje Haakonsen, Sean Genovese, Ol’ Dirty Pat Bridges, and Jamie Lynn. This issue will be sold out in a matter of weeks, subscribe today at www.frequencysnowboarding.com

Categories: Rippers


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