Landvik fan mail

My name is Mats Willassen, I live in Bergen, Norway and I ride for Gnu over here – thanks to you guys I constantly have fun on a snowboard that doesn’t reek. Big up! Hopefully I’m representing you right as well.

However, I’m writing this email after watching Standard Films’ “Paradox”; in an extatic state of mind – mostly on account of Mark Landviks part. So if there’s any chance you could, you must let him know that he’s delivered the craziest, most sophisticated, inspiring piece of visual stimuli I’ve encountered since.. I don’t know. Way back! I’m a real geek when it comes to snowboarding on video and have been since the mid-90’s – and I’ve never written anything like this before. Holy smokes and man. It’s like.. the mothership or something. I sort of saw it coming, but dang! So: thanks for dropping that funky old, new twisted thang and keep it coming. I salute yer with horns and leaps into the air!

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