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Went to a great club last night… St. Nick’s Pub… up here in Harlem, right in the thick of things… like 148th street or something. When we first walked in, I was a little intimidated… like in the “this is where whitey gets the shit kicked out of him” sort of way…

…but the place was GREAT… the people were all super friendly, and the music was awesome. They had a patio out back and they had free food, all you had to do was tip the server a buck or two for food… gumbo, fried chicken, potato salad… I guess they have live music every night… people say it’s the last great jazz club left in New York… they say there is one other like it in Boston (Wally’s), but not as good. From what I could tell, the band that was playing was made up of a few guys that normally play together, and a bunch of others that don’t… it was jazz / funk / R&B… keys, horns and everything… the drummer was a guy named Dennis Davis, the folks said he played with Stevie Wonder and David Bowie for years in the 70’s and 80’s… he was great. It was Dennis’ birthday, so it was basically a party for him. Dennis had also made the gumbo that they were dishing out on the patio… fun stuff.

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  • MarkEmark

    Wow that looks super funkyfun I’m stoked on the whole freefood for a tip program!hahahhaha Later NORM