FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

First narrow ass snowboard sales.

The narrow ass snowboards are flying off the shelves.  This young man bought two at the suggestion of our top notch sales staff.
-Joey McGuire, Revolution Shop, Wenatchee WA.

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  • Terry Parker

    Wear can i get some i think i need 3. T.Parker

  • Jordan Cooper

    Yeah Alf! Tear it up, NAS style!

  • Matt L

    mmm those look like ski’s if ask me.

  • Aras Holden

    Narrow Ass Snowboards? hmmm. wut u guy doin out there? crazy ass experiments!
    How do you ride those…especially with 3 of them?

  • Walker

    Ask Tory Bland how to ride them, he’ll boost over your dome
    I still remeber the Shalom’s!
    nice to see Mervin is not afraid to make some cool innovative stuff for the two plankers, hell yeah!
    Where can we buy them? Magna will rule on the east

  • Frank

    I may revert back to a two plank wank named Frank after seeing those bad boys!

  • Tyler

    How can I get some? write back soon the snow is flyin up here in Washington

  • Shane

    hey where can i get these things

  • Hey you have to call up your local shop and ask if they have them, if they don’t tell them to order you some. Use the dealer locator.

  • J.C Derrick

    Since Alf bought these, all the ladies have been after him! I think the message is clear, if you have magne-traction narrow ass snowboards you will get some serious ass!

  • Mr.Cook

    Snowboard Connection has em. Yup… right above the snowboards.

  • loony

    wtf?? look like awesome narrow ass snowboards to me

  • Doug Steenblik

    I love these skis! I just got them mounted up with a pair of Look PX 12 Ti’s and they rip! I was shocked at how well the edges hold and high speed. Incredible ski’s! I gotta give it up for Lib. They really did it right with these.

  • ninjea

    how much do those cost?