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My Wittlake DIY 153….

So, I really wanted a blank white snowboard & figured I’d have to settle with some generic crap board, until BAM! Lib-tech Wittlake DIY! & 153; perfect size. & I like Lib-tech. So I get the board, & a ton of Sharpies & after some hours in a closed room stuffed with permanent marker fumes, I sign the board:

Thank you for the DIY!
05-06, It’s on!

Categories: Letters

  • lee

    Finally DIY sick as fuc%….

  • Matt

    Dude that’s sick!I just got my D.I.Y yesterday and I’m stoked. I love those graphics man. But I think I’m just going to keep mine the classic white. I have the new Mark Franks on it they look so sick.

  • Jason


  • Recon Ron

    I fully support the whole DIY ideaology which still burns strong in some people. It seems just like yesterday when I spied a lib tech with the FD guy on it…that was in like 92 when mervin just made it to the far east.
    peace to any graff heads out there
    “rusto has the gusto”
    Recon “freight goblin” 17 FD