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– FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

– FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Volcom Snowboards?

Check out these custom snowboards Lib Tech built for Volcom…

Categories: Kraftsmen

  • lee

    the most talented group of craftsmen in the biz
    you cant fook with that…

  • Mike McKinney

    That is one nice piece of deck…. I know from experience….but honestly that a nice looking board and volcom and lib are the pimp shizzle.

  • marcus

    how much do u think that board would go for?

  • kyle bruce

    is there any way i could buy one of these volcom snowboards?

  • marcus

    i have one for sale for like 400$

  • Snowboard P

    marcus, what’s the specs on that volcom you have for sale?

  • b

    quik let you do this…I guess you guys do have freedom.

  • ross

    we got the volcom trophy wife board at my work. its sweet

  • sno

    They arent available to the public yet