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Travis Rice @ Xgames

Travis qualified 1st place today in the Pre SlopeStyle event at Xgames.
His new Lib Tech Snowboard looked insane, Mike Parilo painted it!

Stay Tuned for future results and links to video soon.

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  • lee

    SICK……….Cant wait to see the new art
    Where is JOEY MCGUIRE?????

  • KP

    Trice is killing it and boy oh boy does that board look siiiiicccckkkk!!!!!
    That bottom foto looks like he is going over a halfpipe???

  • noireh

    oh maaan it all about the yellows!! siiick

  • Reid

    That board looks ill, what does the top sheet look like?

  • Dan Gerous

    The top sheet, I think, is black but I saw it with a lot of stickers on so I have no idea. Can’t wait to see it, it’s probably my next board.