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Shot of the Day

Categories: Letters

  • Sonn D.

    They’ve got the same hair stylist!

  • that one dude

    is there anything that kid cant do? Not only does he win the X-games but he reports on his own winning … Thats some real multi-tasking

  • Chaz

    Holy shit….there twins

  • Reid

    Trice should have absolutely won slopestyle, Shaun White’s moves are all too perfect textbook with no style

  • S Dot

    Shaun Kolber….errr Suzy White….
    Either way neither one of them has much personality….”I’m just like, Augggghhh, I can’t believe it.” -Shaun White after every run.
    How many shares of ABC did Burton purchase before the X games? I haven’t seen that much fluffing since Peter “The Hammer” North’s last flick.
    On point with the camera!! Thanks for making my day.

  • Taylor

    Dope picture but what s the deal with the Jamie Blue Girl Wide? If anyway possible I would like to find one?? 503 577 1377
    Thank You:7

  • It’s amazing………I thought Carrot-Top was an only child? Run for the hills……’s the GINGER KIDS!!!!!!!!!