Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

T Rice 157

I just spent my first two days on my Travis Rice 157, and want to say thank you. I’ve been riding your boards for quite a while and gone from a Emma P. to last years Scotty Wittlake board. Each time I get a new Lib, it gets better. Magna-traction seems great so far, although to be honest I haven’t tried it on ice yet, it does help cut through any crust lurking under the pow. The Travis Rice board is by far the best board I’ve ridden, period. Thanks, and thanks for running a company that people can feel genuinely good about buying a product from, it’s rare these days.
J.R. Cooper
Summit County, CO

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  • I agree….. check my pic

  • hey out there. im looking into buying a brand new shiny (or is it shiney) travis rice 153 or 157 magnetraction. but i have size 11 feet. i sped a ton of time in the park where you dont have to carve really hard, but i also spend time on the slopes other than the park. so i was just wondering if these boards ( travis rice 153 or 157) is compatible with my size 11 feet. plaese help me out.

  • Dan Gerous

    I’m wearing size 11 boots and ride a board skinnier than the Trice so unless you have ultra bulky boots, you should be fine. I’m getting a Trice 153 too!

  • Baker bad ass

    Just as another said, thank you. I love this new board. The mag cuts through crud and turns ice to powder just as promised. I made the mistake of letting my friend ride it and couldn’t get it back for a day. super smooth and rides as fast as longer boards. I did have to get used the mag, it always wants to be on edge, which is nice for guick turns. I only wish the board came w/ a key to tell you what the hell everything means on the top. i was smart enough to figure out it is political, and I think the drunk donkeys is suppolts to represent the Kennedies. If T.rice reads this please let me know what everything means. It is really bugging me.

  • ryan

    I have size 9 feet is the 161 trice to wide for me?