Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Markku wins Bronze on Good Wood award winning TRS series! Handcrafted near Canada!

Lib Tech’s Silent Ripper, Markku Koski took the Bronze home to Finland, it was first Finnish Olympic medal in the Halfpipe event in the Olympics. Congratulations Markku!
Photos: Norm Nelson

Someone asked if the Americans were surprised that Markku was the bronze medallists instead of the favorite, Antti Autti? Kass answered, saying no, Markku was one of the first to ever throw a cab 1080 and “he slaughtered it today.” The reporter asked if he could repeat that, not quite understanding what Danny meant, and Kass replied again, much slower and more loudly “He slaughtered it today.”
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  • Dan Gerous

    Congrats, Markku!

  • Reid

    Markku has the ill steez

  • Roger Sterling Cox

    Not only did Markuu rip, with style and class, I think that he (and Danny Cass) rode better than that “Burton Fag” Shaun White…Further, ask Shaun White what he thinks of riding the backcountry?…Markuu RIPS EVERYWHERE/ANYWHERE…

  • jason

    Wow, good work Markku. You’ve got mad style.

  • Alexander

    Agree with “Reid at February”! I also think that Markko and Danbo were better than burton guy…
    TRS rules!!! I’ve already seen next year’s model design and want to say that this year’s is MUCH BETTER! Want to take one for me for the next year.

  • nate

    Hey Reid, doesnt lib make skis?

  • kelix

    I am going to repeat what everyone else said. I want the “flying tomatoe” to go splat.

  • Mitch Scott

    Rock the set

  • Matt

    Was he riding the magna traction model?

  • Glen

    Yeeeaaaap Markku !!
    Yeaapp TRS !!!

  • ToneR

    Marku rule… =))
    LibTech TRS is supar board !!!
    It’s so bad that my TRS has broken… =(((

  • Flash

    Like how ‘Hurton’ made them all wear pinstripe wannabe NY Yankee suits with their logo on the arm for advertising? Then they put a B on the pant looking like a Red Sox symbol? What the fuck is wrong with that company? Thank god Markku is Finnish so he didn’t have to wear that shit, good job man! Kass should have slapped a Gnu or Mervin logo over that Burton symbol for good measure. Shuan W. should have been disqualified for only pulling a 540 when it was supposed to be a 900, half ass effort…