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Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Trick Stick Lipstick

On Friday, Febrewary 3, a treasury of snowboard art, like has never before been assembled for public viewing, manifested itself at the Nightlight…in thirsty downtown Bellingham, Washington.
What a mouthful THAT was! Exactly…and for the rest of the weekend, people drank in the pleasured views in paint…and $2.50 Redhook pours in pint.

What began as an idea for an art show to correlate with the Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom snowboard race, soon chalked up it’s first strained gasp. All at once breathing freely, the show dragged it’s skyborne electric wires, shackles, and chains into the basement, for a weekend of sweating, euro-mulleted gypsies and angst-ridden, art-powered frivolity.
Photos by, Gunther Jose Frank

Trick Stick Lipstick
is a metaphor for snowboard graphics.
Wandering in and out of illusions on walls,
down and around through halls.
The tempo trebling my temples,
or is it my pulse?
Exclamation, exquisite.
The brush knocked
on the corner
of signature’s visit.
Flashing lights respite
tonight delights in fright.
Thoroughly afraid of what just might,
be the most definitive beauty’d blight,
of which you paid to catch sight
of the artists’ hand-sleight.
Living it up to your own discretion’s interventions
giving it up to be defined as mind vengeance.
can you hear the wine inside the engines?
The power to paint yourself into a corner,
to draw a crowd, to create a nuisance…
…to the point of getting the stamp of removal.

Rock the flotsam, jettison the jetsam,
You’ve got to stop, look, and listen.
Art on the Lam…
…inate surfaces of sandwiches and caps…
..ized just sinking, into more thinking,
when blinking lapsed…
…and my eyes closed the gap.

One more for the road:
Gone is the day
Now is the night
Evening is breathing
A whisper of flight
So I flew to a new height
And the summit above it
Only to find my plight
To plummet from it

…if you didn’t make it to this show,
I hope you’ll make it to the next one.
Then you’ll see why we photographed it after the fact.
It was RAW!

Tender loving thanks to:
Lib Technologies, Redhook, Volcom
& also RECO: “Whatchu got on my swa-vay?”

Take care,
pee shout,
and take a peek in the Volcom Artist Gallery sometime.
el Volcomics es bueno!
-Matt French

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  • gknee

    go ryan, your work is amazing now …jeannie

  • Logan

    Mike P your are my favorite painter. I have been looking for your drawing of mountains from a Trnsworld snwbding interview awhile ago, that pic in the mag was so sick i got it tattooed on my arm.
    do you have any ideas for things that would flow with that picture?

  • rich caporiccio

    nice work ryan, you and gjf