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The Holy Oly Revival

The Holy Oly Revival
February 25 – Summit East
A celebration of NW snowboard pride.
The time has come to look to the East, Summit East and behold the glory and splendor that is the Holy Oly Revival. The Summit at Snoqualmie and Liberace Technologies extend seasonal greetings to the bestest contest ever. Witness high-flying snowboard trickery on a big ol’ pile of snow known to a select few as a quarterpipe, and to the rest as “that frozen thing they do jumps on.”
The invites have been sent and only the radness awaits. But don’t freak if you didn’t make the invite list. 30 spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 9AM at the Red Bull tent. This will set you back $30 to be a part of NW snowboarding history. If you are under 18, you need a parent’s signature. And yes, helmets are required. Event runs 10AM-3PM with a big ol’ after party in the lodge.
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This Just In:
Besides the Lib Tech Rippers and other NW rippers showing up, we just found out that 2004 World Quarterpipe Champion, Kevin Cassillo will be there to show off his 1/4 pipe snowboard trickery.

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  • ian fewing

    HEYHEY guys i work there man this comp. is about to be sick. Lib tech u guys make the tytest shit i own an emma peal my self best board ive ever had.

  • Silly-Pants of Octoheads

    BEWARE!!! Monster groupings of death and bad! Coming this way! Only in temporary! Prepare for the combat of your life! Boats on the water! Candy! YAAAAY!!!