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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

A Snow Jam in the Czech Republic

Czech Republican snowboard-rock-star, Martin Cernik ask me to come over and check out his local contest, Snow Jam. I thought about it for about a second, sure why not, it was that or the US Open. So we needed to bring an American ripper with so Lib Tech’s team manager, Jeannine James called up Allister Schultz, he said “Are you kidding me?”

Allister Schultz and I jumped on some planes and headed over to the Czech Republic for Martin Cernik’s Snowjam contest, just 3 hours north of Prague.

A little jet lagged, we killed some time in Prague before heading to the local mountains, Pec Pod Snezkou(Pets for short) Martin’s home mountain.

We met some of Czech Quiksilver crew in downtown Prague. Their office had a nice collection of Parillo art that I have never seen before.

Checked out this snowboard/skateboard shop, they only carried Lib Tech and Gnu snowboards!

Up in the Mountains, Pets they drive rad snow vehicles like this as taxis.

Here is the overview of the Snowjam, its a double kicker event.

This is the first year of the Snowjam a Ticket to Ride event(TTR), however Martin has been putting on big air events in his country for the last 5 years.

Matej Novak in practice on a Magne-Traction.

Time to go explore the Mountain, Martin shows us some stashes.
Allister, Martin and Henki Odegaard from Norway.

Found some pretty good tree runs with lots of pow and pillow stumps to jump off of. Allister getting some.

Our roommate Henki

Found these sweet pillows, shot a couple lines off them…

Allister slashed this big pillow…

He then blasted a huge method off another pillow.

Here is one of my favorite snow vehicles.
Party #1

Martin knows how to throw parties.

This guy served us Pizza earlier sans wig.


Martin Cernik placed 4th.

Crowd Pleaser

Allister, Smooth Slow Spins

GNU’s Chris Sorman landed in 2nd place

Matej Novak

Long time New Zealand Ripper Quentin Robbins, still getting er done.


Party #2

The Hottest DJ in Czech!


Traveling in style on the Quiksilver double decker Bus


Traditional Czech meal, Meat, Dumplings, and Gravy





Local Slovakian Thomas

Super sick indoor woody skate bowl.
Thanks to Martin Cernik who planned the whole event, it went off.
Photos and Words by G Trevor Phillips

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  • sasquatch

    Sick! Those pillows in the trees are cool. Watch out for those shishkabab trees!
    Need to talk Krush into importing one of those snow vehicles for Summit transportation.

  • stan tech

    Looks like a killer time, nice pics of Allister. Insane pillow lines. Allsiter getting some could be a mag shot, you should submit. Keep up the good work Tnut!

  • Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  • eric brandt

    Czech Republic going off… get it boyz, stoked to check the trip, Lib representing WORLD WIDE…..

  • Steve

    Yo all em homies got steez up in prague fo sho props to the homies and medalists, hell of a show doots

  • tyler Flanagan


  • Katie O.

    Chek looks fun. One of the coolest cities. Allister is the smoothest ever from the NW.

  • thanos3d

    u are the best…libtech 4 ever