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Just spent an incredible week in the French Alps in big snow, blazing sun and on a 193 Doughboy. Thank you guys, for a board that can take me, as a 275lb weightlifter, it’s all I’ve dreamt of!
Keep up the good work.
Big Guys Slide Fast.
Roger Darbyshire

Categories: Letters

  • Eric

    I have been riding your snow sticks for over 15 years and I didn’t think you guys could come up with anything better until I bought a 156 Magne Traction. One word sums this board up…Sick!!! I took this board down to Las Lenas last summer and Heli Boarding out in B.C this February and the board just rides like its on auto pilot. Thanx for making the best boards. We all know who is really number 1.

  • lilly

    Backcountry on a magne traction.
    Thats it im gonna have to give it a whirl!

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