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Sammy Luebke Wins Freesking Championships

Lib Tech’s 16 year old Ripper, Sammy Luebke Wins North America Freesking Championships held at Kirkwood, CA.

“Snowboard men stepped it up in the finals, with some of the biggest lines seen all day. Sam Luebke of Squaw Valley, CA, took the men’s snowboard title, with solid wins all day.”

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  • This kid is the sickest big mountain rider i’ve ever seen,especially for only being 16 yrs old.His mind is so advanced I could trust his judjment on any peak.The skill it takes to pick lines from the bottom and and school it from the top with no hesitation like Sam shows us all we can learn a little from him regardless his age.I love you bro.

  • Reid

    super Sick job sammy!! You can really shred! Also that board looks awesome, I was wondering if that was a 2006-07 model of any board in particulat & whats the TRS next year going to look like?

  • Sammy Luebke

    thanks homes, the board i was riding was a trs 06.the board i prefer is the manetraction. I’m not quite sure what the trs will look like next year. ba chomp chewy chewy chomp ba bomp a chomp.

  • brendon

    he got these skills from the big AK! thats why this little grom kills it so much

  • Donna, Nicole & Ryan Reid

    Can’t believe it Sam, you did good!