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R.I.P. Tommy Brunner

Snowboarding mourns the loss of one of its legends – Tommy Brunner

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  • chris ankeny

    I’m so bummed to have heard of this…
    I didn’t know him personally but know that he was regarded with the highest respect in the snow community. It’s hard when really mtn. savvy people go down because it is such a humbling reminder that no matter how careful you are out there, there’s always the chance that shit can go down.
    Peace out to all his close friends and family.

  • kristian mares

    I just found that on lib-tech web. That’s verey sad. I had known Tommy. Not too well, but had a chance to spend sometime when they were flying up to Alaska last year and year before.. He was true legend and great person.
    People will miss you Brother!

  • Steve

    I only briefly met him while in Innsbruck. Tommy, thanks for letting me borrow your board during my stay in the Alps. I could tell that you were an inspiration to everyone around you.
    My prayers go out to your family and friends.