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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Travis Rice Answers

Photo: Tim Zimmerman
Travis Rice stopped by the Seattle Lib Tech Factory to answer some of the questions you posted up for him…
Posted by: Poor Jay at June 1, 2006 09:00 AM
Can you send me 300 000 bucks so I can buy a building and finally open my own shop and be the only Lib Tech dealer in the area? Make it quick, got to open it before the winter!
Sure thing, If you could just meet me at Washington Mutual at 3:45 on Next Tues. then I’m sure we can work it out. Its just gonna be a 60/40 split with myself retaining First Right of Refusal.

Posted by: haha at May 31, 2006 11:15 PM
what do you think of people who need to train for a MONTH??? to do a stupid backflip?

I Think they need to pound a coldy and just throw tits into the wind.

Posted by: doc at May 31, 2006 11:13 PM
Who is your favorite shredder to ride with? who stokes you out to watch?
Nicholas Muller, And for sure Mark Landvik.
Those guys you just never know what there going to do next…
mad style.

Posted by: Bob Gnarly at May 31, 2006 05:35 PM
If you make it to the Holy Oly this year we can drink all the beer that Allister won and then go ice fishing with Zimmerman on Stump Lake…total radness…you betcha’.
America Fuc$ Yeah. Yeah OK as long as the meat sweats have your back ON stage. Keep sippin

Photo: Tim Zimmerman
Posted by: richie beats at May 31, 2006 04:46 PM
Are you really going to answer these questions or are you going to send them over and have me do them for you?
Yeah, for sure.. And for all ya’ll lil rascals out there don’t sweat it, he’s my publicist

Posted by: Sam at May 31, 2006 05:03 PM
What would you say helped you progress the most in regards to both freestyle and backcountry riding? For ex: what helped you learn a mctwist or something like that…
For most of my younger years it was gymanstics and skiing. this helped me build alot of good skills. Then I started yoga. this brought me inline with the planets. Then fly fishing let me climb out of the harsh world and into a very happy place. and that is where i found the inspiration for the mctwist. While starring into the eyes of a big mouth bass cought on five pound test. I slammed his little head on a rock and bammm. He slipped out and did a perfect Terje haakonsenstyle, japan grabbing, tuck knee like a muther fuc$er Mctwist. The fish stomped it so hard he just went home afterwards. So I went out the next winter and pulled it first try and I haven’t done one since. I’m over mctwists. These days it’s all about having a mean nose butter combo.

Posted by: tyler at May 31, 2006 06:19 PM
Is danny really shorter than lil jon?
Listen up buddie. You might think it’s funny to make fun of Danny cause he’s short. You might also think it’s funny he has to run and jump to put his shoes on. I bet you also think that just because he has a little guido mustache that it’s now going to be a trend in mammoth to have a thin little slimey mustache. Well your right. you win the big prize. Here’s a free month of heli skiing at “Hecklers Womb” New Hampshire. There you will enjoy over 400 vertical feet of fresh pristine northestern concrete and nothing ot get in your way.

Posted by: jeremy at May 31, 2006 05:34 PM
I heard you got your pass taken away at jackson hole i was wondering why and if your gonna get it back
Well that’s a very long story. I don’t know how to tell the entire scenario without hurting someones feelings. If you have any questions about me getting my pass taken away please feel free to ask Anna Olsen at 307-733-2292.

Posted by: aleC at May 31, 2006 07:53 PM
what do you like better double back flips or double front flips?
I have to say that when i first started doing the double backie on film people hated it. I don’t even think it even made it in the movie. then i do one in japan and the croud looses their shi@. So on one hand the film editer throws the shot on the floor. Then on the other hand some little japanees girl throws me her painties.

Posted by: jjdb at June 1, 2006 10:47 AM
yo trice,
after all you’ve seen/done, and whenever you fly back into the black hole…is is still heaven? you gotta admit, there’s probably no place on earth like it. nothing beats the tetons, jackrabbits, and matching polaris jackets on hill climb weekends..right?

Jackson hole is always going to be my home. Let’s just say that when this is all over for me, there is one place you’re for sure going to find me. And that’s Jackson hole Wyoming. And sometimes Hawaii. And of course the bahamas. and new zealand. Oh yeh and I can’t forget Rock Springs. And the occational visit to the epcot center.

Posted by: David at May 31, 2006 04:28 PM
Are you actually aware that you are The Golden Child, or do still actually think you are a “normal” pro? After seeing the way you rode in Water To Wine, and everything since then, I hope that one day you and I will ride mountains others once thought were unridable. Honestly, I couldn’t visualize being that good at ridding until I saw the way you do it. Good thing it was the first snowboard vid I saw or maybe, just maybe I’d be lost. Thanks! You have the force. Let the revolution begin…

Dear Mr. Deep Backcountry Pow Scientist.
Flustered from the props, but seriously man, I’m about as normal as the lump on your testicle. Not that common but their around… All it is is trust in ones self.. Get out there and feel your own flow..

Posted by: d at May 31, 2006 03:28 PM
liquor or beer?
Liquo r’ trimmed beer.

Posted by: russell fitton at May 31, 2006 03:36 PM
Is the moon really made of cottage cheese?
Yours maybe?
But Mine are made of crushed 98 degree velvet.
Good Luck with that Though.

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  • i like travis rice, he bought a drawing i made on j9’s couch.
    tim zimmerman is a pain in my ass
    pete saari is like jesus but balder
    j9 james is my mom who i want to bone
    trevor phillips is married and doesnt know it yet
    annette…no i will not make out with you, stop asking
    i would trust norm with my life
    greg needs to loose his break on his fixy
    paul likes amalie therefore i like him
    mike olsen is one of my heros
    im really high
    bye bye
    p.s: get wierd

  • JBazzle

    Webmonkey Im pissed you didnt put my question up…it was a damn good one

  • Zim

    Pinski, I love you buddy.

  • Markemark

    Is my real crappy HanSolo still in the stair hall way at mervin seattle? And will it be shipped to Carlsberg in the future? And will I ever get my Job back as the Trade show Clown? Hello steve cobbs!

  • Travis rices new pro model is gonna be sick you all are gonna trip on it. Its got like the craziest edge youve ever seen with 12 snow contact points instead of 4 just to let you know. Take it Easy.

  • Poor Jay

    Thanks for the $300 000 Travis!

  • childs

    trice’s board is sick. i want another…the bluntcut is so fun to just grab and tweak on. i find myself doing many more nose and tail grabs just becuase!!!! work sucks

  • megan

    ahem…this comment is for one travis rice: hey buddy, thanks for recently signing my mervin dvd. it was a random act of kindness, and is especially bizarre as you aren’t even in it. well, anyway, i heard that my friend Chuck, the pilot for your flight from Haines,AK took you boys for quite a ride…p.s. what is the name of the project that you were working on?

  • Kell

    Mad stlye bro. nice to see someone from Wyoming to be kickin ass. Im from Evanston, Yee Hah. Ya i know. Oh well, im up in Jackson alot, if not in Salt Lake City chasing Mormon chicks hehe. Shout at the devil… anyway keep kickin ass. Lib-Tech boards are the best out there man. Ive been riding lib-tech since 94. I dont even look at the other shit, no need. Later…

  • Stan Tech

    I’m such a pro ho that I introduced Trice to Mark Landvik at the 2004 Banked Slalom. I’m Stoked to see one of Trice’s favorites is Lando….Let’s see what other pros should I invent…….

  • stantech

    That fishing story was funny. One of my favorite fishing story is about a huge silver salmon that got away in the Dungeness river. While I was working, I fired up my printers and snuck out the back door, (on the clock) peddled down to the “Dungy” for a nice fall AM cast. All of the sudden Bam, Fish on!!! I was on fire!!! reeled that bad boy in alittle and in slow motion the fish gets about 5 feet high out of the water and busts a huge, perfect Jamie Lynn air. Just slapped my line out of his mouth and landed perfect, head first. I was tripping, it was awesome. I never for get it. It was like 15 pounder, just lively as hell.

  • Bill Cosby

    Theres always room for jello

  • WyoKiley

    I thought Travis Rice was a good kid from Wyoming, guess not! But c’mon, Rock Springs? Thats like the cappiest place in Wyoming! And I don’t know how much you make but how can you live in Jackson?
    Oh P.S. I live in Cody and maybe Travis you could help me out get Sleeping Giant running again, so we don’t have to keep going to MT to shred?!?!

  • Bobby

    mad props trice on learning the mctwist from fly fishing and shit peace

  • illy fresh lil bushy

    hey wyokiley bro, the rock springs travis is talkin about is in jackson, its a bomb ass section of the mountain that i busted my first backcountry sesh on kicker cliff muaahha, oh ya and tell travis my mom is still pissed at him for corrupting my brother sucka!

  • Alvin

    Hi Travis Rice,
    You are my favor rider. I watch all DVD.
    I’m deaf person, I wonder you can give donate me Travis Rice MAGNE-TRACTION snowboard because I can’t afford to buy because I’m deaf to hard find a job.
    I hope you would help me. I’m forward email from you.

  • nick

    i bought the 07trice at the end of last season, that graphics are pretty sick except idont no what any of it is or what it means can i get some help????

  • hola travis, i just want to say that it would be nice if you could send me the rice rocket 151 because i was just diagnosed with leukemia and im kind of scared of going in for job interviews without any hair so i dont really have any money. will you help???

  • AJ

    this is come funny shit. i havent laughed this hard in at least one week. trice is a funny mother and kicks ass next season and maybe take first at a few more comps and put that little shaun white in his place

  • Steve

    Im looking for your new snow board pro model, it has the picture of the apes with guns, etc. Where can I find one — way too many cites on the internet, please help.
    Dad needs help.

  • Beano

    i jus scooped up my t~rice 153 and now the shreddofest! Reminds me of the ranchers on shrooms, you now with all the mirrors.

  • Chaz

    Travis, hope to see you perform in the X Games 2007. Which video is the one where you entered the “white room”? I have the Community Project but didn’t see that scene..

  • Benwald

    hey travis,
    could you kick anymore ass?

  • Margo Stoney

    Dear Travis,
    Will you go on a date with me?

  • Manu

    what you have done at the nokia air and style was really the best if ever seen from a pro snowboarder, i was there in m? and it was the best contest ever. what do you think about the air & style 2006.
    would you come back to europe next time.
    tell me when you come!!!!

  • Manu

    can i have your broken Board from the Air & Style contest in Germany

  • Tobi

    Man Travis,you’re awesome.
    I’ve watched you at NokiaAir&Style,congratulations !
    I like your moves and style. Go on with it,Tobi from Germany!!

  • Chikako Kinoshita

    Hello! I’m Chikako Kinoshita living in Yokohama ,Japan.
    I’m a fan of you!
    Your riding is very exiting for me.
    I want to send you a fan letter.
    So,could you tell me its adress?

  • Hey travis
    so are you competing in the winter x games in aspen this year? i’m gonna come watch. oh yeah and what was it like shreddin with terje haakonsen?

  • Marlon

    man, travis, you are the shit! after coming out with the magne-traction design. you inspired me to buy a Lib-Tech and to push me to live my dreams of being a pro snowboarder

  • brek

    yo trice iam from lander wyoming and shred the hole alot i also hit some backcountry pow pow once while on togwotee pass.. teton village is the best damne ski resort ever i learned to shred there when i was 9.. the new t.rice magne traction is goin to be the shit with the new banana tech i dont care how many lawns i have to mow iam buying that shred stick.

  • dave

    Hey, when are you and Riz going to give me back my bike? I thought you guys were just going to “borrow” it to ride back from street hockey at josh’s in rafter J… bastards… I should have known better.

  • jason

    what is the jacket you used in the dc mountain lab? thanks

  • Dill

    Heyy much respect man…. I was jw how does it feel 2 be in your position?

  • mj

    hey trice!
    i am a chick, 5’4, 135 lbs, small feet, usually ride womens boards, but ride hard. would i be able to handle the skate banana or box scratcher?
    is the skate bananerrr’s smallest size 152?
    thanks alot,
    total repect to you and all you do!!

  • Alex

    Hello i dont actually know if this is you cause i could only remember your last name. My friends and i met you in a club in Amsterdam and you told us to look you up??
    so here i am.
    Hope your having fun, think you said u were on a tour, so enjoy.
    Alex. G
    (i have brown hair and eyes) hahah oh im a girl.

  • Alex G

    Hey me and my friends me you in amsterdam and you told us to look you up so I did, watched a few of your videos, crazy but awesome. anyways message me back sometime.

  • tator

    hey travis
    when does thats it thats all come out for DvD

  • matt

    hey travis i just thought tht you would like to know tht your my favorite chess player youv got sick moves. give me a call man…

  • nick

    hey im useing this stuff for a report so i need to know if this is true or not