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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Poly knee deep in scandal!

I came across some great reading the other day in the pages of OK! Weekley …unbeknownst to all those chugging Rainier tallboys and watching the Mariner’s lose at the Nickerson St. Saloon, Ex-Billy Joel Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley is now healing after an affair and the scandal that followed sent her world into a tailspin…seems that Barely Legal fan and soon to be ex-hubby Peter got freak-nasty with a 19 year old named Diana…scandalous! Apparently the only calm in this crazy mixed up world is that the CoverGirl’s son Jack has impeccable taste in beanies…yet again another top-shelf promo job by the lovely Jeannine James over at Mervin…you go girl.

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  • stantech

    Ha!! That’s a good one Krush. I’ve always wanted Christy Brinkley’s bare behind. Let’s just say I’m the closest I’ve been in 30 years.

  • NW Sasquatch

    Nice Krush!
    Keep up the good work there – I want all tabloids scanned at the Nickerson for Mervin Icons.
    I think Stansilous is down in LA right now planting care-packages at the doorsteps of the stars….

  • To funny my wife has had this mag on the floor of our bathroom 4 what seems like months and I opened it one day well I was taking a crunch, but then I only made it to page 38 where I found some nasty ass pictures of Star Jones “before and after pics? after that I just threw up in my mouth and didn’t finish reading It…I mean looking at pictures.
    Good thing Krush has as stong stomach
    Trevor I think you guys should send Carmen Electra some poly underwear and pray it gets posted in Ok or Playboy
    P.S. WTF my wifes mag costed 2.99 not 1.99 I guess it’s cause I’m in Canada not near Canada

  • KRush

    Dude…that Star Jones shit was the scarriest 2 pages I have ever seen in my life…I’m gonna be dealing with that for a long time.