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Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

5th Annual Scott Stamnes Summer Bowl Jam

“Super-hero abilities and endless stoke, made every session and everyday with Scott, amazing. His style and love will live on forever.” — Sean Donnell on friend Scott Stamnes, 2000.
That it has, and the proof was at the fifth annual Scott Stamnes Summer Jam in Port Angeles, Wa. Appearances from Scott’s good friends kept things fun the whole day. Micah Shapiro, MarshalL Stack, Pete and Chris Saari, Mark Hubbard, Tom Pia, Tony Welch, Keri Clark and Rob “Spiderman” Scala, just to name a few. As usual, things started fashionably late with Marshal, Micah and Huntz rolling in around 11:00. Everyone who entered got to skate for a minute or so or until they fell. The groms are killing it these days. The knarly grom trifecta had some insane speed trains and were blasting huge out of the deeps. Mark Hubbard (founder of Grindline Skateparks) won his division and was claiming it was the first contest he had ever entered. Good on ya Mark! Scott’s cousin Blair Habenicht had a big ol bag of tricks and kept it real with that classic Habenicht style. Good genes.
The Sponsored Rider’s event was switched up to a 20-minute jam format that was off the hook crazy. Tranny Danny’s balls out, monster airs earned him the number one slot, with 18 year-old Jesse Nelson coming up as first loser. “The Jam was amazing and everyone was pushing each other.” Pete Saari says “Tom and Rob were ripping and throwing down for Scott — actually everyone was, and Scott would have been so stoked.” Pete continues” Will (Powers) and Bryce we’re tearing that place apart. Will had this drop off the tombstone into the deep end that lit the crowd on fire” All in all, the event was another memorable barn burner at the P.A. Skate Park. Special thanks to Keri Clark for making it all happen. R.I.P. Frank Russo and R.I.P. Scott Stamnes……Oh yeah…..WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!!!!!! — Stan Tech
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  • nwsasquatch

    Jesse and Danny are killin it!!!

  • splixster

    sorry ihad 2 miss it .
    ‘stanny’ , you Rock . piece(s), rick.09/25/06