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my name is nib and you are watching F stop on fuel tv

Ryan Williams rad ramp session. photos taken from qc department….. 50 dollars a shot. let me know if you want to use them…. these are some of my most famous shots…. some people just have an eye for a good shot …. you know.
thanks alot
Chris Saari
Head Boys Soccer Coach
Port Angeles High School

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  • stan tech

    Good idea, alittle fuzzy, Are you on the clock? Shouldn’t you have been working? Jack of all trades, master of none……..

  • DJsneaksomepuss

    50 Bucks? I think you should pay Mervin 50 for posting then and pay Ryan 50 for poaching that shot.

  • Nib….I love your work. I have a job for you this Halloween in the Castro District of SF. It may get messy so bring your personal protective gear (FYI), OH and your pole cam big boy!
    Much love to all the boyz and grills. KEEP tossen dema pizza pie.

  • deaner murdoch

    is that photo off a mirror, making it look switch for ryan? or is it switch? or is it even ryan? it kind of looks like gatsby

  • whofuckincares

    gatsby cant grind a jump that humongoloid/////