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Dear Mervin and Lib-Tech,
The new Volcom movie “Escramble” just premiered here in Boise,ID. I just wanted to tell Lib-Tech that to see Jamie and Bryan Iguchi in full length video segments was “SO AWESOME” and “SUPER RAD”.
I grew up watching, reading, and memorizing photos and video clips of Jamie, I even still have “Road Kill” and “RPM” videos by my VCR.
Escramble showed that even though the years have passed since the beginning of snowboarding, a rider’s talent doesn’t die because he 30 or order. Any rider, no matter what age or skill level will learn something new from Jamie’s and Bryan’s video parts in Escramble.
Jamie rocks harder now than ever before.
Even though Jamie’s cape wasn’t showing in Escramble, “he is still SuperMan to all us riders.”
Thanks again Jamie and Lib-Tech,
Steve Tanner
Boise, ID.

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