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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Lib Proud

I love you guys this much. this was / is not some pathetic attempt to get free stuff (not that i would complain at all if i did) cause i already own several of your boards. just thought i’d show you. it may sound retarded, but Lib Tech changed my life in ways i can’t begin to explain. let me know if you need a higher rez pic…
-Michael Irving
Brooklyn, NY

Beavis from Salem, OR

Categories: Letters

  • Tyler

    Michael you’re not the only one with this retarded problem there should be a libtech junkie help line for us!!!! i would get a tattoo too but I’m saving my change for my Cygnus X1 could libtech just make a branding tool that gets shipped around the world to people like us

  • lee

    Branding tools…
    you guys should make your own,
    Take a coat hanger bend to the shape you want and then stick in the stove eye,make sure you get it red hot and then brand away…RAWHIDE

  • michael

    Thanks, Tyler, but the work is more than just a logo to me.
    What i really wanted to say is that i just saw Hurrican Mervin and saw an employee with the exact same tattoo in the exact same place. his just has the “ib” too. crazy.

  • Bike

    I got this tat cause I think Jamie Lynn is an amazing artist and innovator to snowboarding and it was meant to be tat’d on my leg

  • nick

    beavs tat he got from jamie is dope. buy that man some new machines