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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

How To Tune / De-Tune Magne-Traction Edges

We have been getting a lot of people asking how to tune the Magne-Traction edges, well its really easy read this flyer, click to go bigger!

MTX Tuning Tool

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  • Terry Parker

    OK heres the deal, just come to Revolution snow and skate in Wenatchee Wash. and i Terry Parker will show you how to use the tool then i’ll sell you one and let you skate are indoor park for free. What a deal !!!!!!!! And you can even sharpen the edges on a base grinder. (MAGNE-TRACTION or no traction take your pick) Thats a free on for ya Trev.

  • Bejni

    Should I tune to 88 or 90 degrees? Do you have to sharpen the bottom or just the sides?

  • Dave Kerwin

    Does Magne-Traction effect those ill Michael Jackson Slides?

  • sean


  • mark roach

    Can you sharpen a magne board with a machine, or can you only hand sharpen. Also is it possible to put an 85 degree angle on the heel side edge, or would you even bother?

  • Delcanadian

    I need that tool, so, send it on over here, i know there is a price, there is always a price, so lets negotiate, and get my edges how i want them,

  • J.D

    I’m surprised O.B. Jay didn’t make the tool hold a Diamond & Ceramic Stones!

  • J-MAN

    im from australia and the sno season is on its way in 4 months wanting 2 buy the next trs magna-traction when will it be ready for sale

  • phil kelly

    hi living in small place called vallandry which is part of les arc, we have a good freestye scene here french and english. I was trying to explain to the guys ( and chicks) how it works but no one quite gets it ,we all ride differnt boards only 2 on lib tech which they have both been very faithful with and like the sound of it. but they still dont get it,any how if u have any old sample boards with this new technology we would love to try it nice one,

  • bob

    how should i detune my magnatraction travis rice 157? it kicks ass , but i have never detuned a board or magna-traction board.
    please advise……

  • riceboy

    does anyone log on these magna tractions? Do you feel the edge when boardsliding logs?

  • Antonello

    Hi Sirs, i’m a lucky owner of a lib trs magnatraction 157 season 2006-2007. I now need to sharp the edges and I am going to buy the Magntraction sharpener on-line as I dont know any Italian shop that sells it (unless you dont suggest me an italian shop to contact).
    Can I choose the degree to tune, such as from 87 to 90???
    if yes, how many degrees i can choose?
    wich degree of tuning do you suggest?
    can i use the magnatraction sharpener of “normal” snowboards?
    Thanks a lot
    Antonello, Italy

  • Hue Jardon

    Wow! Magne-Traction is cool.
    This Magne-Tool is cool too.
    Pacific Ocean

  • jc

    leave the base edge alone, just detune the sides along the whole edge with a medium file by hand, a couple of good clean swipes, gummy it up and you’re gravy. in face you don’t understand just how good it is until you hit an icy park. Pure control and smoothness + buttery. I can’t wait to ride my new trs banana, i’ve been thinking about taking it to the skating rink. I’m sure it’ll just rip, and I have heard across the board, including the kass man himself say that landing banana is the best part.
    But yah enjoy that magnetraction shreds, its the best idea that you’ve ever picked up, good job, now go throw down!
    Let it snow x3

  • james young

    hey how often do you have to tune a magnetraction board?

  • ok,thanks!

  • tahoe bob

    yes can you mj on a skate banana or does the magne traction make you fall?

  • Where can I get one of those edgers from, my board is nearly blunt now, its like riding a board with out Magne on!

  • MASAKI from far east

    whats the “de-tuning” means??

  • aaron

    ok, so the mtx tool will sharpen to 90 or 88 degrees. do you put the 88 facing you for 88 degrees, or towards the board?

  • nah

    could you please help i have the lib teck banana 2010 and purchased your edge tunning tool but need advive on what angle the board is best suited too

  • Darryl

    Can you use standard tuning tools on magnetraction, if so what angles do you use on the side and bottom.

  • Dan

    try zero degrees. why would you want any more.. you dont even really need to tune a magnatraction board. just gummy stone the burrs and go ride

  • Lacey

    I want to sharpen my edges on a machine but i don’t know what the outcome will be with the Magne-Traction.
    Its there a certain degree i should tune it ?

  • Loren

    hi !
    I have a question, I want to sharpen my Lib Tech TRS 157 ( 2014 / 2015 ) edge board and I would like to know the factory edge bevel. ( Canting – Tuning ).
    I was not able to see this tecnichal information on the web. If you can not help me, where can I get that information, please?