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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

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Travis Wins Icer Air

Travis Rice is no stranger to urban sketchy big air contests. He made the trip last weekend worth while, taking home 10,000 and the new FJ Cruiser. Photos by Tim Zimmerman

Story here:


This person is very happy the fire department made the event put up the saftey net.

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  • wow Travis~~~I love you and libtech.
    you are so cool~~~!!!!

  • Travis is great!
    His photo as if E.T.

  • NW Skunkape

    Are you kidding me? that thing is a death trap!! Travis and Danny are true superheros for hitting that thing.
    All the guys hitting that thing should also be making money in Hollywood as stunt men. I’m serious dood – this taking High Wire Act to another level.
    Nice fotos Tim!

  • Travis you are a trend setter and a bar raiser!
    Each year we watch you with our mouths hanging open. I’ve always supported Lib and everything they do for our sport. Keep doin your thing, and hey come to RG Johnson Ski & Sport some day where I work and sell your board, it’s got sooo much pop from the wood shop! Peace

  • Lucy

    Hey, Travis… ya!

  • Mayor-Tom

    Yes yes snowboard-revolution 4 life

  • mark roach

    Travis, you are the Illist, illist, rider out. And the thing that kills me is that everything you create in your warped mind, you then create it in reality.
    Get checked out……..

  • J


  • DelCanadian

    Hey there T-Rice, just wanted to say congrats on the win. Just becuase you won, I decided to buy your board. God Speed Mervin.

  • donnkie

    good job

  • sunny

    hello got the 160 magatraiction and wnated to know how do you sharpen the egde on it?