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Mark Landvik TWS Cover!

And 12 page interview, February 2007 Transworld Snowboarding.

Categories: Mark Landvik, Rippers

  • chopper

    Mark Lankvik is a Leader!
    It would not suprise me if his pro model broke record sales!
    For a graphic I would do a Lion or a Head of a Lion on the bottom…….
    Sick! Landvik

  • Bong-Jovi

    That Mark Landvik is some hot doo-doo reeking with style!

  • andre


  • andre

    toooooo beeeeeee llllllllaaaaaaannnnnnnndooo!

  • Mark Landvik. The guy has more power than neccishairy! sickest style LANDO. spin off that m-therf-cker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manchild

    thats some nice powder snow he’s jumping into…… whens his pro model come out?

  • chopper

    Mountain Riders Unite
    There is a new Lion in the Jungle and
    It’s Mark Landvik.
    Make way for the new King!

  • Lager

    Mark, much props man!! Stop by when you get back in town for a beer..
    see ya on the hill.

  • TR

    Holy Gary, Lando is f*#kin dedicated!

  • frankie

    WHAT>>>>>> LANDO on a cover Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Keep the AK style rollin.. We miss you at volleyball to…

  • Ken

    Just another punk from Juneau. Roll on little man. Oh, and Frank misses you at volleyball because he sucks and jumps like a girl!

  • $limz

    Lando lakes! Spread with sweet cream!