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Travis Wins X-TRAIL JAM

Travis Rice won the X-Trail Big Air event in Japan, making this his 3rd Big Air Contest win in a row, all on his Lib Tech Travis Rice Magne-Traction model.
Photos by Tim Zimmerman

Categories: Rippers, Travis Rice

  • NW SkunkSquatch

    Damn mang, TRICE takes another 1st and 2nd overall!!!

  • stantech

    Hat trick

  • Who’s going to stop him? First the Icer Air in SF, then Air & Style in Munich and now this Tokyo! Impressive… I just hope he wins the next by doing another trick than his now proven double back-flip 180. Not that it’s not impressive but I like surprises.
    By the way, I got to ride my Trice 157 for the first time this week-end… Sickest board I have ever tried! So … much … POP!

  • snowmonkey

    word on the streets is that he won tokyo with a double cork 10. whichs proves his shit diverse…

  • I know he can do more, much more but according to this, he still used his double-back-180, on his last jump, to win.

  • kyle phillips

    nice one Stanny – “hat trick”
    here’s mine:

  • Bob Gnarly

    damn…add a Holy Oly Revival title to this list and the kid could retire…we’ll see.

  • openyoureyes

    Look you stupid dumbasses and see that he
    turned frontside into a switch double backflip to

  • Du

    Respect from RUSSIA !!!))))

  • dibble

    last time I checked when you spin and incorporate a back flip this equals rodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooooo!!!

  • Joaquin Sahagun

    With men behind this company Heart and Soul “Living The Dream” not just Pete,Mike,and especially Bob Stanislaus people who ride Mervin Mfg always have a story to tell about their expierences actually innoviating and making this sport of “Fun” that all snowboarders behind Mervin truly enjoy because it brings out the soul of people who actually understand the true meaning of boardsports Thanks to all who do this sport of snowboarding Danny Kass,Gnu man behing the medals of this US and the reason why Gnu has been given the proper respect since the orignal Vertigo graphic!Travis Rice,Jamie Lynn one of the best men behind Art and legendary” Methods”

  • Carlos

    fuckin sick

  • Jerry Mark


  • Olly Raymond

    Alright thats banging , Travis.R Congrats on the Win, that Trick had The up-most amount of Steez seen in a while. plus A Double Cork “10” on a hard ground booter, Dammnnn. you are the future as i have seen on so many occasions. goodluck and all the best Olly.R mt.hotham, Australia.

  • mike


  • Pius

    yeah you are a stylemachine. Travis is the nr. 1

  • frost

    definitelyyyy, Travis is the best riderrr