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Does Magne-Traction really work?

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  • Matt

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!!!! when ur turnin thru the ice, you WILL NOT slide, drift or howevr u might call it, when braking for the jump line you dont skip down all that shitty ice, the mag is set to the sides of ur bindings and in the vry centr of ur bord. sevn bumps on each side, tip & tail (b4 the curv) , right in front of the bindings, right in back of the bindings and in the very center. now. when u are braking/stopping, you feel those magne bumps resist.
    I have the green/black Gnu Riders Choice 147.5 with the magne. trust me the RC is in mag or normal. best board ever constructed. not very technologically advancd so not a bad price (408 w/o mag…498 w/ mag)

  • Chris

    Comming from an all burton set up last season,I was considering a Burton Seven. I tried 3 times to get a Gnu rider’s choice magne-traction from The Source, and all three times they didn’t come through. I ended up getting a Travis Rice 153 from Alterative 113, and I wouldn’t trade this board for any other. Magne-traction has done more for my riding than anything the Burton Seven would’ve. This tech is tried and true; anyone who has rode an icy pipe with it will testify that this stuff really works. Lib-tech for life.