Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Skate Banana Testing

Skate banana testing at Mt. Baker concludes snowboarding is dead the skate banana is here to stay…Insane in Pow, insane on grooms, carving has never been funner, propeller 360’s on a wim (oh, you don’t know about propeller 360’s?), riding switch is as easy as boogie boarding, “slippery bananas” like it’s not even in style yet. New tricks like, Banana bread, banana peels, and gone bananas… This is it! Combine with magnetraction, It’s as big as the introduction of the tri fin in the sport of surfing……….2007 “Coming In Hot!”
Paul Ferrel
Paul Ferrel

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  • mark

    Can I buy stock in this company?

  • greg

    im buying one

  • lee pace

    Buy stock….Hell i would settle to sweep the floor and let the dogs bite me

  • fedya

    hopfully next time im at baker i can ride one of those…………… id selll the middle 3 toes on my left foot for it

  • Chris Butler

    Seriously, is Lib Tech publicly traded? If not, you should be. Lots of people would totally buy in, myself included.
    Lib Tech is single-handedly waging a war on snowboard design stagnation; kicking ass and taking names. Keep the inovations coming guys.

  • mekash

    what about ” the old Banana in the tailpipe trick”
    eat shit and Ride- Mekash

  • Terry Parker

    Rode on saturday it ruled, i’m not lyeing it freaken rules. But you know what doesn’t rule is breaking youre collar bone on saturday night in frount of 50 kids at a rail jam on a bannana. I had a full circle day. typing on handed sucks too. owe yeah go bannana on go home


    Yeah LIB’s a Public Company! Symbol: ZQK on the NYSE (QuikSilver)

  • Chillin

    Im outta new hampshire and im testing this out for a few days. this is the most fun you will ever have on a snowboard. bottom line. i was screaming with joy the moment i started riding it! this board will change your life.

  • Josh Brewer

    I got to ride one today suckers…and it was Temples peep that. Believe me it was a dream, so light, so much pop, flex, and control. Its real son.

  • Brian

    I just demoed this board about a week ago, all i can say is holy shit. this thing does everything; floats, pops, shreds, jibs. the ill be first in line to buy one, or maybe even two. MTX+banana=the future

  • bananapeeler

    I peeled a banana for a couple runs this last week. I don’t think I can wait until next year. I want to peel a banana again, for good.
    I’m not going to drop a name, but he dropped pretty good in the holy oly qp. Hope he’s out of the hospital now. Thanks for hooking the sweet ride up.
    Shred the rad

  • the dude writing this

    im definatly gettin 1

  • thompson

    Seriously. Terry parker, how in the hell do you type one handed and still misspell everything? That’s funny as hell.
    Rode the banana all weekend. Best board ever. I’m buying five.

  • z

    I saw a few people riding the banana experimental boards up at the ridge and Just wondering when is the next time they are going to be demo’d since the ridge is closing and where will they be demo’d?

  • Jay

    I was able to test the Banana out last weekend, this thing rocks, I’m trying to keep the demo board i have=)
    When are these things supposed to be out, anyone?

  • j

    Seriously looking at getting one of these, one question tho, whats it like on rails and boxes with the banana tech? and in the park?

  • craig Chiesa

    I Just bought one today sicky sicky

  • sean m

    i demoed this board at camp..and it is flexable!!! it has really good pop and is awesome for jibbing! i cant wait to buy my own man

  • John

    Whats the Skate Banana like vs the TRS MTX Banana??? Anyone rode the TRS Banana??

  • richie

    Just wondering is the board an all rounder i really want one but dont if it is strictly park.

  • Uppeduppe

    thinking to buy one of them, what’s the best size?can i decide like for the ather boards??or is better a little shorter or a little longer?.. i’m 145 pounds and i’m riding a travis rice magne traction 157..humm, thinking that the 156 is right if the flex is for me..someone can help me?bye!

  • shredtastic

    i just bought a skate banana and its my first magnatraction board. im wondering if i should still detune the edges and if so whats the best way to go about doing that.

  • ian webster

    i bought this board and i am so fuckin stoaked to ride it
    i hope its as good as they say

  • What is the proformance for riders with big feet…?

  • Magneric

    Lib IS actually publicly traded. They are part of Mervin Manufacturing which is owned by Quiksilver. If you are looking to buy stock in Lib, look to Quiksilver. I have been riding magnetraction for 3 years now…I think I might convert to the banana-mag next year.

  • I’m blown away by how incredible my skate banana is. I have the 52 and it turns on a dime anywhere, in any condition whether hard pack or deep powder. I have three other new boards that are regular camber and I think I’m going to sell them and get more banana boards. You really should trust Mervyn and don’t buy another regular cambered board until you give the banana a try, it’s profound.
    I wouldn’t detune the edges because the thing doesn’t catch edges easily since your contact points are on the edges between your legs and not at the four corners like a regular cambered board.
    I normally ride a 148 for steep bumps and ride a 51 to a 56 for powder depending on how much (I’m light and not tall). I’ve now ridden the 152 skate banana in every condition we get here in Telluride and this thing outperforms all the others with ease.
    I’d like to get about three of the same boards and maybe a longer version for really big days as well as a banana-splitboard. That would be a great bunch of bananas.
    This board holds an edge and carves harder than any board I’ve ever ridden, and I used to ride hard boots.

  • ME

    I want to buy one really bad, especially now that someone stole my old board, but i dont know if i can find one

  • bananaddict

    im waiting for my banana fying this week from us and im dyiiin to ride this thing!!
    thnx lt!!

  • max

    damn where do you find a skate banana thats still yellow with the yellow writing on the bottom theres like 3 models i dont like the purple or the black bottom purple or the colour purple very much but like 15 peeps at my mountain have yellows

  • Banana Boy

    Where do you even find a skate banana? I’ve looked at damn near every shop that sells Lib in my area, and have searched online too. They’re sold out everywhere. I WANT MY BANANA!

  • Ban-nan-a

    i just bought mine on ebay! its the only place i could find one! im from uk and its totally sold out as well as europe! carn’t wait to test this fruit machine out in Morzine (Swiss) next week! this will be my 1st new board since 1996 jamie lynn and that was mint! “,

  • elcielo

    hi folks
    i bought a banana from usa at the beginnin of the year
    sometimes life fucks u seriously and you cant do what u really like to, so i havent been able to test the board till this weekend..
    i could say lots of only but good things about the board.. in fact ive been thinkin a while about it.. my conclusion is that the banana gives you an extraconfidence allowin u to erase those silly “uhus im not sure oh im too fast ups this switch landin gonna kill me” out of ur head
    thats it
    a little gummy on icy black slopes -even the magne traction excelled there- but hey the board wasnt done for that
    100% playful and fuck it i love the banana look dont put skulls ans stuff on it!
    great job lib ur the fuckin best thin near canada

  • I’ve got size 12 feet, potentially larger (14yearsold) by next winter, would this board work sizewise?

  • april

    when are they going to come out with a girl version?

  • Todd

    I’m super interested in getting one for next year, I’m 5’6″ 145-150lbs. I usually ride a 156 or 157. Will the 152 be to small? Oh yeah I live in Whistler and shred everything from park to pow. Any info would help.

  • Jingles

    Hey Guys, does anyone have any ideas when the bananas will be back in stock or if anyone still has stock….cant seem to find one anywhere?
    Peace, jingles.

  • will

    bought a 08 banana board for wife and she loved it i own a 08 DS MAGTRAX and i want a banana but i dont think a dude should have a board with a banana on it…just kind of gay

  • Potter

    wow someone’s a homophobe. it’s a fruit buddy. and this board is so sick i’d ride it if it came with a set of balls.

  • Taylor

    I am getting a banana soon and I need help on what size to invest in. I am 6,2 185 lbs. I wear a DC size 11 boot. I am going to be riding a lot of park/jibbing. No big mountain stuff. Also what kind of bindings should I throw on it?
    anyone help me??

  • will

    potter, u should probly get around a 159 to a 162 around there, and im exited to get the Flow NXT AT’s u should look them up 😛

  • will

    btw there is no banana on it for whoever said that