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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Travis Rice Takes Silver at Xgames

Lib Tech Ripper, Travis Rice takes the sliver medal in the Best Trick Showdown event at Xgames with a sprained ankle!
Double cork 1080.
Mervin’s new Team Manager and GNU Team rider, Zach Leach riding with Ryan Sheckler and Ryan’s best friend Casey.
DC Rider Chas Guldemond was ripping it up on a Lib Tech Phoenix!
Trice ended up 8th in the Slopestyle event, he was trying to nail down a run of incredible nearly impossible trickery, but slid out on his fs double cork 1080.
And the nearly famous Double Back180
Goto for total coverage of the Xgames.

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  • Reid

    Trice should have won slopestyle, on the fact that no one else even tries the tricks that he does, (including a perfectly landed double back flip late 180) at least four people attempted a 1260 (including the lame shawn white who only got bronze cuz everyone is on his nuts) and that is nothing compared to Trice fs double cork 1080 a trick that is at least twice as good as anything anyone else there could have thrown down. yet although he barely misses the hardest trick anyone tries he gets screwed into 8th place, which is a damn shame.
    P.S. Is that the 2007/2008 Trice Travis was riding cuz the bottom graphic looked pretty tight, what does the top look like? I wanted to get the 06/07 one but the graphic is a little much, this one looks dulled down a little bit which is more of my style

  • patrick O’Neill

    wht board is travis rice riding

  • sHAUN

    HE’S RIDING HIS BOARD DONKEY. Next years model. Its all pills homie.

  • trunk monkey

    8th! I think he should just start rocking straight airs for a while. Knock off the huck and hurl. With the style you can make a syringe, stiffy or a frontside shifty to backside shifty look flipping sweet! I like the speak and spell graphic as well.

  • I think Travis should have won gold..everything else that was getting landed was boring..It was like Blah, Blah, Blah, TRice, Blah, Blah, TRice.. But hey Silver is great too so go Travis!! GO Lib!!

  • rr

    that guy sitting on the deck of the pipe in the last photos is 6 feet tall on his knees??

  • Jjoe

    It’s west coast bias baby, no love for the PNW. If Trice was rockin for Burton, he’d be the poster boy the white is…way to stay core, lib4lyf

  • Crystal

    Was wondering if you have any smowboarding posters I could purchase. Any travis rice posters?????

  • shasta

    man you ROCK

  • Ian Grant

    I request you build the grocer and doughboy with magne traction. I have a doughboy, but would like magne traction, as i have a gnu 11 up with magne traction. I just want to ride long boards all the time.

  • Robert Mackenow

    Trice is da man and Lib’s are the boards – i love my Scotti Whittlake it is da best!, oh, and it has the best graphice too!! Skeletons rule! – even Orlando Bloom liked it and he was riding a Jamie Lynn.I LOVE LIBTECH! – can i have some stickers please!!! he he….

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttt

  • me lub

    dudes ryan u r the luv of my freaken life..!!!i luv u ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mua(kiss)

  • i love your pics alot and me and my sis loves your show boy i wish could meet you i would do anything to meet you ….well send me a message on yahoo and i will get back with you …
    love ya brittany

  • Rob Mcenew

    bodacious dude!