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The Summit at Snoqualmie and Lib Technologies are proud to welcome one and all up to the great Northwest for the best anti-contest in the world. Yep, I’m talking about a big ‘ol quarterpipe, amazing trickery, good friends and Cobra Dogs at the fourth annual Holy Oly Revival – A Celebration of NW Snowboard Pride going down on Sat. Feb. 24 at Summit East base area. Pros, groms, lurkers, has-beens, Mike Olson and all media heads in the know will be on hand, a pallet of Oly beer will be up for grabs and once again there will be no rules, no times and no figure skating judges.
This is an invite event but there will 20 spots available on a first come basis starting at 9am on Saturday February 24 (day of the event). That’s all the info I’m giving on this, because you have to experience the Holy Oly to get the full picture..

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  • nwsasquatch

    Can’t wait to mow on another cobra dog..

  • fedya nemtchinov

    how do you qualiffy, is it invitational, or like a lottery(ala bankedslalom)
    or do you just have to be northwest as lumber and show up and shred qp… i miss it erry year cuz im at one of the other mountains but i wanna ride that holy oly qp deez year…. plus i love the oly (its thu wattah)
    north west aholiques

  • mb

    tumwater Wa, exit 103

  • Roenato del Mundo

    How do you get a copy of The Holy Oly Revival Poster?

  • Paul

    dang holy oly was today. i was up there. heavy snow. the snow was really slow. not the best day for holy oly.