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Grenade Strikes Back Tour Blog By Dingo

The tour kicked off where else but from x-games, Danny, Dingo silent Greg, Kevin cassilo, nicks Dunlap and the film crew, corolla and Eric. Oh yeah and the big Vern
Danny and myself in search of the grenade’s newest am member and offering a free trip with a one in 4 chance of winning your very own pro model glove.
At each stop we will take the winner of the sudden death final, and fly them out to the grenade games. With 4 stops, the finals will be competing against each other in front of the whole crew at the annual games.

The first stop was in sprit mtn Duluth Minnesota. It was maybe the coldest whether I had ever been in, in my life, it may have been the first time out of Hollywood for the film crew, the neg 30 below brought a closing to mtn surrounding. But nothing was going to stop the first stop of the grenade strikes back tour. Danny not stopping for anything and if you want to be named on that team you where going to have to work for it. Day one was the half pipe, and give the lack of snow in the Midwest this year, it was the first cut of the year, just for the strikes back tour. There were some good pipe riders but again in he below 30, very hard to be outside for more than 25 min. but in the end was a very successful day and the sprit mtn getting to see Danny kass through down in the pipe and head judge the comp as well with kev.
Than night it was straight into the boost mobile after party with DJ ENVY. The lodge was pumping off and ENVY taking all requests. Rick Ross making over 3 plays. That RICK ROSS a favorite with in the snowboard crowd. Frank 151 crew floating around snapping picks and bring that NY flavor to sprit mtn. another amazing boost mobile after partying and the crew all waking up wearing thee monster gear?????????
Day 2 and it was the slope style.
The day we give the best snowboarder on sprit mtn the chance of a lifetime, and that trip to the games. It was little warmer and the sun was out! A little more, still 15 below. Two run slopesyltyle quals, Top 5 to finals, one run sudden death final. We saw some back flips, rodeo 900’s switch backside 720’s but it was 16-year-old Joey dryer who took it down with the front side 900. It was an amazing way to kick off the tour and a cold one, Big Vern Evan scoring himself a $400 fine for being in the wrong hotel room.
The next day it was a spilt, Danny Kass and crew on clean up and pack up.
Myself and film crew on the boost mobile bus to Minneapolis to pick young Joey up from high school. Well wasn’t it a surprise to get to the catholic school with myself, Vern and the boost mobile bus, We sure were a hit and young Joey having a dream come true, not to many 16 year olds get picked up on the boost mobile bus from high school, we did a cribs with Joey and hung out for a bit and filmed is life style and found out that little bit more that we unwanted to about our first champ. from their straight to Chicago for a zumies signing, about the only time for some to sleep on the road.
Form chi town it was straight into the big apple for the jeep union square rail session, we meet up with boost team guys maagon, Vito, mfm, DC crew and forum crew, was a fun couple days and some big nights at the W. Boost team rider Lucas maagon taking 2nd place in the jam session bring an extra 7k with him ass he joined the tour. Eddie wall taking home 15 k and the king of NYC for the week.
WE left at an early 6 am to make it up to loon mtn new hemisphere for registration and autograph signing with Danny.
Today was day number one at the second official stop on the Grenade Strikes Back Tour, Loon Mountain. The busses rolled into Lincoln, New Hampshire yesterday evening straight outta NYC, coming in off the Center City Street Sessions rail jam that went down the night before. Upon our own arrival last night we were greeted with colder temp’s than we’d faced in New York, and a much fiercer wind. At ten degrees, which could be uncomfortable but easily bearable in, say Utah; it’s that fierce East Coast cold that feels as if it’s tearing right through any skin ill fated enough to be left un-sheltered. The forecast looked painful come morning. But much to our surprise after prying ourselves out of the comforts of our beds, the sky was a more than sufferable mild grey, with seven un poking through at times, the weather was placid and the snow conditions were a far cry from the ice rink we’d expected to be faced with. It was summery as hell, and things were definitely on the ups.
, where the pipe jam was imminent. A mixture of Loon loc’s showed up to ride, and ride they did to the shredding sounds of Retard Riot who kicked off a set no more than thirty-feet away. The pipe event went to Chris Mitchell, who dusted the competition with large airs, McTwists, and other smooth moves.
From the pipe it was back over to center stage where The Hounds of Hell were inciting a riot of their own, their blood curdling sounds pouring out of the speakers and floating over the course as product flew left and right out of Dingo’s and Danny’s hands and through the air into the awaiting hands of kids a plenty. Fists full of gear, and bellies full of Monster Energy, the swarm made a beeline over to the Zumiez couch, where a twenty-minute Best Trick jam was in order. After all was said and done, last weeks Waterville Valley TransAM winner, Chris Carr bagged himself a year’s supply of Grenade Gloves, and 500 smackaroos for finessing a backside 270 on, backside 270 off the couch rail.
From the rail and pipe into the bbost mobile after party with DJ evil D and Butter L. IT was also the the world premier of tps 4, that’s right we now have 4 tps’. Another wild night and big ups to the ass industry crew.
Day 2 bring in the crowd as it was to be another day of history with yet another talented rider taking dream to reality, speaking of reality we have been filming 245 7 on this tour, that’s right myself and Danny and dipped in and in the near future, you will all get to know us a whole lot better????????
Two run quails were pushed back to I run but upper the top fivr to top 10. Some amazing rider and the standard of riding at loon on a very high level. Chris car an over all good day. Come final time, it was a couple 54’s to start off with. Not having that at grenade!!!, then into a cab 9oo but no stomp from young Dylan. But coming in with the cab 720 was young Travis Nat?????? On file_____?
Well yet again another amazing tour stop and right off to pick Mr. Travis up from high school in the boost, mobile bus. Boston this time and yes, he was only 16, these guys are the future and we will find them.
Mtn creek— grenade strikes back-
Well, grenade hit and punched mtn creek right in the face-
Danny making his first appearance back to Vernon New Jersey since his 2nd Olympic silver medal back last February in Torino. . We were welcomed in arms bye kass’s biggest fans and the die-hard grenade supporters. Both boost mobile and grenade bus parked on hill-surrounded bye 100 of kids.
Day one Friday night was to be the rail jam. We had retard riot, hounds of hell and kill cheerleader at the bottom on the main stage. The set up the zumies couch rail into a little down bar. In the middle was the peace tank on a spin. To jib or to float over. And on the far right was a 40 ft flat box where head judge sketchy d was in position, assited bye the hexi mexi and mike white head. So it was a great set up with great bands and we where even blessed with the presence of jerry only another Vernon local, on hill running the misfits puffy and his pj’s for bottoms, quiet a good look.
For the woman it was-
For the under 14-
Thena we went right into the open division,
Lots of tricks getting thrown down and for for the lack of snow and the conditions that they have had in mtn creek it was quiet an impressive show. Magoon and Danny where u there taking laps with all the kids and stoking everybody out. After the 45 minutes jam it cam down to sketchy d and the judging panel so the top 5 overall making it into the final was-
And while the decisions where being made fore the grenade strikes back top 5 where going on, it was the zumies 15 minute jam best trick on the couch rail. It was young local jarred baker taking it out with the front flip off the rail. But we saw it all 270 hard ways, backside 270 on 270 off. Even seeing a front side 720 about 30f over the couch.
Right into the final with Kill Cheerleader and the top 5 finalists.
It was a very impressive final senior all kinds of tricks on the flat box, like Emery doing the front board hope to switch front board to tail tap backside 180 out. And with tricks like that it was no surprise that sir Emery one the rail jam night one at grenade sticks back.
Day 2
We woke up to a very sunny mtn creek and were on hand and ready to give the most talented rider at mtn creek a trip to grenade games and the 1 in 4 chance of being named on the grenade am team.
Head judge sketchy D was on hand and his assinat for the day Mr. puppa kass himself, Danny dad Craig was all fired up and ready to go. The setp was a choice of 2 jibs a 40 ft down rail or a 20ft kinked box right into the stair set up which was a flat down box down rail and down box. With the final jump at the bottom about a 40 ft jump and the option of a hip.
14 and under –
The crowd was a build up for the open division and the jersey kids where ready. For the lack of snow and the lack of riding that these kids have or hadn’t had all year, the quality of riding was up to par and everybody was quiet exited. Myself and Danny where taking laps all day thru the coarse, I even handed the mice over to sketchy d where he took over and was voted mvp on hill, as head judge announcer and just all round good guy, Danny throwing down some mean switch backside rodeo’s and front side 720 tails.
Making it thro and into the top 5 the ended up being 7, sudden death file was. –
We saw emery the champ from the night before go for the frontside 1080 and come up a little short, a smooth backside 540 from??? Kyle Ryan going for the front side 720 tail
But local shredder Tim kempson thru due the rodeo 7 with the stale fish. And that brought us another winner at grenade strikes back and another dream made for the future of snowboarding.
That night was the boost mobile after party with DJ EVIL D and butter L. Also hitting the main stage ion the hex bar that night was all three bands, Retard riot, Hounds Of Hell and Kill Cheerleader. Kill Cheerleader announcer there new signer to the band. Danny Kass, and what a voice that guy has.
Well that brings us to another ending at grenade strikes back, next stop ragging buffalo
Huge thanks to Danny Kass, grenade, boost mobile, vans, vestal, gnu, lib tack, zumies, twsnow, monster energy drink, Kirsten, sketchy D, puppa Kass, Kevin, mtn creek, evil d, retard riot, hounds of hell, kill cheerleader, Dave shiff, moma shiff, Jason bayne, and of coarse matt kass.
Se you next week

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