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My Magne-Traction Story

My name is Victor Behar, I am from Edgewater, NJ and my home mountain is Mountain Creek,Hunter,& Plattekill. This is a true story that happened in the beginning of the season. Enjoy.
First things first if your not riding magne traction, you have not snowboarded to your fullest potential!!! I have the T.Rice 153 and i WILL not ride anything else ever, if it doesn’t have magne traction i am not riding it nor putting $550 towards it. I was up at Killington, VT in the beginning of January the conditions were all right but not there best, and in julio and anarchy (double black glades) it was extremely icy and the cover was thin. My friend had a Burton Custom X which is a respectable board, of course i had my T.Rice i was ripping that trail up like there was 3 feet of fresh powder on the trail, my friend on the other hand was having trouble getting 5 feet down the trail, i had to actually unstrap and hike back up the trail to get him because his custom x wasn’t meeting the needs of his level of riding. Let this be a lesson to all that if you do not ride magne traction you haven’t really been snowboarding. also its wonders in the pipe !!!
Victor Behar

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  • Johhny Utah

    way to throw your buddy under the bus!

  • deez

    hahahahahaha when its icy you shouldnt hit dubble di glades…. when its icy put yer hand down and doo some endless burtlmans and penguin slides…. burton is outdate anyway