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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Sammy Luebke Dominates Holy Oly on a Skate Banana!

Lib Tech ripper, Sammy Luebke just won the Holy Oly Revival, dominating with sick full arm cast style.
The weather was classic NW style, the Holy Oly Summit at Snoqualmie crew blowin powder out of the runway.
Cory Grove AKA Cobra Dogs cooked over 350 wieners, Terry Parker loved them.
A little banana sauce for your Cobra Dog, and a first aid kit in case of any burns or blow outs.
Jesse Burtner jibbed the hell out of the new Jib section at the Holy Oly. Banana Tail
Jesse is no dummy, you could see him a mile away in blizzard conditions.
Old School NW, Jamie Lynn, Peter Line, Joey McGuire.
Andy Bergin-Sperry, “Joey McGuire Award” Photo: Andrius Simitis
If you know where Sammy lives stop by his house for a cold Olympia, he just won a pallet! Photo: Maxx Von Marbod
Holiest of the Holy – Sammy Luebke
Joey McGuire Award – Andy Bergin-Sperry
Hardest Charging Industry Hero – Pat “The Eye” Bridges
Best Jib Line – Sean Genovese
Highest Air – Peter Line
Beat the Reaper – Devin Elliot
Future of NW shred – Austin Sweetin
If you read, click for words by Pat Bridges

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  • NW Sasquatch

    SOOOOOO much fun!
    Congrats to Sammy – tons of style.
    Burtner destroyed the pill – nice work!
    Thanks Lib – super fun! can’t wait to see the vid action.

  • Kelly Ward

    Yay!! I’m sooo proud of my boyfriend! Sammy killed it even with a broken arm! He’s the man!! 🙂

  • Kathy Warner

    I always wondered..
    It must be..”BREAK AN ARM!”
    {Come on down the hill sometime with your GIRL!)

  • terry Parker

    I did not have 10 i had two jerks

  • sunny

    hello so dose sammy ride for oakley or smith? also i own a magatraction and it rocks

  • sleepy


  • Andrew Irwin

    Sammy had the rippest banana out there. sammy don’t worry i will be there to help you out on thos beers.

  • bob gnarly

    Terry was having Red get him extra dogs so peeps wouldn’t notice…but I did! He also missed more shots then KP’s got bruises.
    See you at Mission jerks!

  • Terrence Parker

    Quick slandering me jerks. Next shot i take will be out sawed of bitchs

  • stantech

    That shot of Joey, Jamie and Peter is epic. It’s like the first new school of snowboarding is now Old School. New School, Old school, Home School…….

  • ё


  • crispie

    whats the max stance on this banana board?

  • Trever Turner

    Snowcompton Is the S#@$!!!!