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random press release about "Thanks Brain!"

Think Thank is at it again with our fourth video release, “Thanks Brain!” We are deep in to our season of weird weirdness, big bigness, and creating creatively. With more filmers, more ideas, amazing riders and a constant commitment to expression on our snowboards, this season is shaping up to be quite nice. Quite nice indeed. We would like to thank all the sponsors backing our vision and the riders out there right now scorping and screaming in the name of the almighty video part. Check the teaser and bonus videos at the newly remodeled www.thinkthank.com and we look forward to seeing all of you on the slopes, in dem cold streetz, and at the movie premiers this fall.
Thanks Brains!

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  • nwsasquatch

    nice site – thanks brain!

  • bob gnarly

    Smith grinds are the new cones…where’s my steak dinner?