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Coldsmoke Powder Festival

Photos: Chris Ankeny
The Coldsmoke Powder Festival was held on the perfect weekend. Armed with fresh Narrow Ass Snowboards and American Beer in cans, we arrived two days after the “Day”. Conditions were great, and so was the event. It is a gathering of the tribes for ski mountaineers, powder pigs, and old school heavies. Clinics are held, demo days, dinner, movies, and powder riding plus. Most of the terrain on the topside of Whitewater is real. I was so stoked to have the 188’s underfoot. I love the consistency of the magne-traction turn. Here are some pictures of Rene and I getting some NAS up north. Don’t tell anyone! Cool. Thanks Chris, Dan and Rene.
Tory B

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  • travis jones

    that powder looks sick eh! how long have these guys been riding two snowboards at once? They’re rippers! I can’t wait to try..aloha,pau

  • Well isn’t that funny….you never know what you’ll find on the web. Hey Trevor….that guy in the first photo is me while I was hiking. I crossed pathes with those guys while hiking up the ridge. Small world.