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Hungry Like the Canis Lupus, Mike Fox Wins on TRS Magne-Traction!

Words and Photos by Brian Craighill
On Saturday March 10th, seventy hungry savages gathered at The Canyons Resort in Park City, UT for the annual Quiksilver Canis Lupus Challenge. For those who are unfamiliar, The Canis Lupus is a mile long, natural halfpipe-like run complete with banked walls, fallen trees, rocks, and natural “whoops” down the whole thing. This is a serious race. One slight mistake could send you into a wall, tree or if you’re lucky down onto the hard packed snow on which you race over…Harsh.
Despite the consequences, the racer list was 70 deep, and they were all hungry for cash and prizes. Up for grabs this year was new Lib Tech and Roxy snowboards, Lib Tech NAS (narrow ass snowboards), Quiksilver clothes, and $2000 to be split by the fastest Snowboarder, and fastest skier. When it was all said and done, Kevin Brower and Mike Fox (2nd place last year) made it down in the shortest amount of time and took home the cash.
Thank you to the Canyons Resort, Lib Tech, and all of the competitors who came out this year to risk their lives.

Ladies Ladies

Mike Fox and Kevin Brower both a grand richer.
Women’s Ski:
1. Allison Yeary, 86.07 seconds
2. Harmony Libby, 106.07
3. Mindy Roberts, 107.96 (on tele’s)
Women’s Ride:
1. Lisa Roullard, 102.80
2. Nicole Cardona, 120.97
3. Ashleigh Rauch, 150.96
Men’s Ski:
1. Kevin Brower, 62.82
2. Andrew Pierce, 66.15
3. Paul Glomski, 67.28
Men’s Ride:
1. Mike Fox, 78.90
2. Andrew Sherman, 79.93
3. Adam Johnson, 87.46

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