Travis Rice Wins 2007 US Open, Another Magne-Traction Victory!

Photo:©2007 Robb Farrington
In harsh riding conditions generated by driving snow, Travis Rice killed today’s Slopestyle contest to win his first ever title win at the TTR SIX(6)STAR 25th Burton US Open Snowboard Championships.
In a best of 3-runs format, Travis Rice threw down a solid frontside boardslide on the first rail, to a backside 720 Japan air, frontside 720 melon grab, backside rodeo 720 nose-grab, switch backside 180 and a front boardslide-to-270-off on the final rail to earn himself the contest title and 1250 TTR Ranking Points – 1000pts plus banked 25% – to pop him directly into the TTR World Nr 4 spot and become a serious contender for the Men’s TTR World Snowboard Tour 06/07 Champion crown.
“I’ve been competing at the US Open since 1998,” said Travis Rice. “My mom brought me when I was 15, and it was the first time I saw the pros compete in person. So I’m stoked to win my first US Open slopestyle title. It was definitely tough conditions out there for us gladiators, so I’m glad we made it through it.”
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Photo:©2007 Robb Farrington
Rice competed in halfpipe and made finals. It was his first day in the pipe this season. He destroyed it and then separated his shoulder, pretty mellow out for a week, he placed 14th in the pipe with the run he fell on.
Big air was canceled due to crappy weather.

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