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Snowskating in the Olympics

All hail Lib Tech Kraftsmen HENDO, Wins on Lib Tech Magne-traction snowskate!
Hometown hero takes the prize and then gives it away. “I don’t snowskate I ride a a snowboard”
Hendo recieved first place this weekend at the 2nd annual Hurricane Ridge Almost Legendary Baked Slalom.
He won a beautifully crafted snowskate powder destroyer that Shag made and then Hendo gave it away…..
more details at six….
three cheers for hendo

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  • I cant wait to get baked in the olympics

  • Bakeskate

    I been gettin baked at the Ridge all season and will be taken home an olympic gold medal with my home field advantage

  • NW Sasquatch

    There is some snowskate heads travelling around the NW right now in training for the Olympics.
    Getting ready for Saturday – I’ll make it over from Seattle…

  • Local Snowboard/Snowskate Hometown Hero Jeff “Hendo” Henderson quietly smokes the competition… winning in the Olympics, the 2007 Baked Slalom. We are proud of you Hendo!

  • Here are the top 10 results. Thanks to everyone who made the trip out.
    Next years Olympic course will be even better.
    The Second Annual Hurricane Ridge Snowskate Baked Slalom
    1st Jeff Henderson time 29.26 sec
    2nd John Carlson time 29.78 sec
    3rd Clark Hurlbut time 30.22 sec
    4th Jordon Armstrong time 31.35 sec
    5th Peter Ireton time 32.51 sec
    6th Mark Montgomery time 33.05 sec
    7th Brendon Corraro time 34.38 sec
    8th Canepa time 35.36 sec
    9th Tony Burts time 35.47 sec
    10th Kristian Mare time 38.21 sec
    Full gallery at