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Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Has Lib Tech Gone Bananas?

Coming out next year! Call your local Lib Technologies Dealer and PreOrder one now!
Sammy Luebke Dominates Holy Oly on a Skate Banana!
Skate Banana Testing

Coming out next year! Call your local Lib Technologies Dealer and PreOrder one now!
Sammy Luebke Dominates Holy Oly on a Skate Banana!
Skate Banana Testing

Coming out next year! Call your local Lib Technologies Dealer and PreOrder one now!
Sammy Luebke Dominates Holy Oly on a Skate Banana!
Skate Banana Testing

Coming out next year! Call your local Lib Technologies Dealer and PreOrder one now!
Sammy Luebke Dominates Holy Oly on a Skate Banana!
Skate Banana Testing

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  • Eskimofo


  • nwsasquatch

    Pete Saari has “Gone Bananas”

  • RL

    somebody smoked too many banana peals… or maybe emmas

  • Pete

    I rode it with Temple Cummins on wednesday he said it did the easiest and best heelside turns he had ever done. I rode it with Jesse Burtner on Thursday. He thought it was and insane jib stick and did unreal presses and general dork around fun. Same board. Temple wants a longer one for the Banked Slalom. Jesse wants a shorter version for his next jib contest. I want one because it makes me snowboard better. I don’t have to worry about bending my board to make a turn. It is already bent and waiting for me to decide where we are going. It gets me into a bunch of cool spots I could never get too and gets me out of any kinky tight transitions or whatever mess I end up in. The skate banana works better than any snowboard ever built, it’s easier to ride and that makes everything more fun. We built this thing to be the perfect jib stick, it also happens to turn better than anything I have ever ridden and on top of that it rips pow, crud and broken up bumpy terrain. This is what a snowboard is supposed to be.
    Pete Saari
    VP Marketing
    Mervin Mfg.
    Down by the River

  • But where is the Banana Hammock with the reversed sidecut?

  • jLO

    And I thought you were talking about a banana skate the other day. Sounds sick. Kind of sounds like a better engineered dual camber stick maybe? There is some camber right? or no?

  • fedya nemtchinov

    FINALLLLIIIEE, ive been waiting for this shit for like 2 years….. im gunna get that facotrie direct…

  • Toecutter

    Quite screwing around and make a cap MAGNE-TRACTION. Remember cap boards good for everything like going fast and not folding up. Death to side wall boads

  • chicken

    i rode the skate banana and i can honestly say its the easiest board to ride in any terrain EVER! i never once worried about catching an edge on hardpack or setting up for a jib or turn. and dont get me started about the pow! i’ll just say that on a cambered board i would’ve been pitched over the nose on some of my sloppy big pow landings, but not with banana-tech, the board is bent the right way already and it just floats. it seems to know what you want to do somehow and then it helps you do it. I no longer feel like i’m riding a wide “ski”.
    its fricken magic!

  • dan

    available now? late season like when mags first came out?

  • jLO

    Thank you Mike, Pete, Cobb and the rest for making snowboarding better. Magnetraction f*cking kills. I can’t wait to ride a skate banana.
    Also: [url=http://www.twsbiz.com/twbiz/features/article/0,21214,1569809,00.html]Bandwagoneers![/url]
    Mike, you were right. Thanks for making skateboarding better. I hear you’re working on surf. Kill it like you have on the other ones, just make sure to get that pizza patent!

  • Pow Dair!

    Skate Banana is the fuckin’ shiznit kid! Hurricane Ridge powder turns like a motha fucka!

  • seand


  • jeepster

    crazy stuff, can´t wait to actually try it.

  • Trannydogooder

    The Skate Banana rips Jackson Hole!
    I’m butterin’ buns and porpoisin’ pillows with ease. It carves like crazy and has beautiful bunnies beggin “pleeeezzz!”
    A must have for all snow monkeys, but draggin my heels feels kinda funky.
    So hows about popping out a few wide ones for shred aspiring gorillas? A 26 centimeter waist ain’t gonna kill ya’s.
    Mike Olson and Pete Sarri are rulin the world. I’ll bet when Jake Burton finds out he’s gonna hurl.
    The rest of the industry’s so behind its pity. Thanks for the test ride dudes, next stop: Fun City.

  • New snowskate technology…? Lets try that thing out on some concrete ice.

  • silversurfer

    This deck sounds sick! When is it going to be available to the general public?

  • LibHo

    C’mon, us Lib junkies want to know when we can get our mitts on one of these b’naners.
    BTW… how’s about a Dark Series longer than a 158 with mag that isn’t wide next year. I opted for the Gnu Altered Genetics mag 162 and it’s nice, but I want the Dark.

  • LEDTech

    Sounds worthy of my cash…if you make one for us size 11 booters out there. Maybe 25.9 and the waist?

  • Matt in SoCal

    Me too, whens this thing coming out? I want one. No more Burton boards for me, Im switchin to Lib.

  • Chris Butler

    Please make a big, wide one (165ish by 26+). Us big guys need awesome rides too.



  • danny

    looks a lot like a RALSTON powder skate ski with hemi’s and bindings

  • jt

    lib dude’s,
    you need to sort out the distribution of your rather fine products in the UK!
    p.s what a lovely bunch of banana’s.

  • yertle

    yahll ARE bannanas
    IVE HAD THE SAME BOARD FOR 3 years.. and maybe im just bitter that you guys test new uflly un comprehendable boards allthe time(and i want all your jobs) but thats bull shit…. my knees hurt so i put the base covers on my binders… i rdie a 159 ON EVERYTHING… and its especially fun on jibs im like 5’7″ …..plus i hear magne traction POPS OUT OF THE BAORD when jibbing… but i guess ifyer like MC and you jsut ride pow all day then its cool…. I BEVELED MY OWN MAGNE INTO my stick….. i made a snow mullet shape.. even some friggen wax….. just send me a baord.. maybe ill even send you your old ACME back with too many inserts on the front.. not enough on the back and none in the middle………………………………………………… make some LASTING sticks……………………………………………………. dark series.. snow mullet…. no more magne… ITS GIMMICKS… i thought you were against that… I BELEIVED IN YOU… maybe i still do

  • Abster

    Is it rude to point out the similarities with bataleon base technology?

  • chicken

    your on crack! this aint NOTHING even close that waktaleon bulsht! my god open yur eyes man!
    but i gotta admit bataleons make good snow shovels- so you can build a wedge to fly yur b’naner high!

  • chicken

    i’m sorry, that last post was very rude of me. i’m just so amped on nanas that i cant think str8. i like those bataleon boards, really. its just that the sk8 naners are something else entirely. its more like camber-vs-anticamber.
    my apologies for overeacting.
    viva banana!

  • jordan

    so how much is it going to be? more than youre average lb. of bananas?

  • My friend James is madly in love and extremely obsessed with trying to get one. he won’t shut up about it, in the world is it possible to own one. Ijust saw one up close for the first time last week @ BAKER and it looks sick . just give one away to my budd and he can shut up, or give it to me !!!!!!!!!!c’mon

  • scarin darin

    were up to our eyeballs in it this year!ive had to ride two planks since i discovered rocker.(spatulas)although cutting up 14 inches on a wake board behind a snowmachine helps get my shred on,Im waiting for a nanner to show so i can get back on a single plank,and surf some more huge AK peaks!any one bringing one to haines this spring?

  • billyLibfan

    Sounds like jt got some bitter bananas.
    Ease off the Mervin folks. They’re just the little fish in the fryin pan.
    Can’t wait to demo one next year!

  • mustachio

    i saw a few cats at bear ridin bananas and i didnt know what it was so i came home and looked it up, now i wish i would have stolen a few.

  • christopher Lopez

    duuuude…old (20+yr old) sims had rocker oh yeah…they did….plus they had hoorizontal rocker too. you could ride sideways without catching an edge…the base was slightly curved!!!! from edge to edge…talk about mad fun riding…
    all these little new schoolers were little spermazites when these were the REAL SHIzites!!
    this is really old school tech finally makeing through the noggins of the board companies….
    I never liked ski based snowboards and that is what GNU was when it first came out 86 -7…a fat ski…look at the old ads…anyhow I am glad they made this now I can have my old school feel with modern lightweight materials!!!!!
    FINALLY…I have waited 20+ years for this!!! FUCKIN A its about time!!!!!
    hallelujah!!!!!! congrats for waking up and making a real snowboard!!!!!!!

  • jay

    is teh naner tech just on this yellow naner board? just wondering because next year i want to buy something like the travis rice you know a wall hanger

  • Martin Cernik

    HI PETE and MIKE!
    Greetings from east coast. Just id my first pipe comp WC on Banana. The board rides super good in the HP, feels much easier go up the walls now!!!
    thanks for making such a incredible board…now is riding way more fun than before…mc


    that shit is super legit
    ive got a lib tech box scratcher magne traction
    and the 08 gnu kass with magne traction
    the shit is fucking incredible
    cant wait to get my own BANANA too

  • new

    Hmm…wonder is it a twin?

  • bonnieprincedyno

    Dear people at Lib Tech….
    Any chance of picking some WIDE bananas for those of us blessed with big feet? (26+ waists would be splendid,ta).

  • renishag

    I am a female Rider with about 5ft 10inch, 135, size 11 foot. This will be my second year riding and I am thinking of going big. I was told Burton Custom was the way to go but now I am possibly thinking of going TRS Magne. Will the TRS Magne BE TO STIFF FOR ME?

  • es la caña desde españa tambien estamos con la banana

  • Dan

    Anyone that buy’s any other snowboard is simply buying it for its GRAPHICS.
    The banana makes snowboarders better and snowboarding easier. Simple as that.

  • ma

    hey i need a new jib/park board this season and am looking into the lib techs. they look sickkk!
    but i’m only 5’4 and about 130lbs.. oh yea and a chick, but i ride hard. i normally ride girls boards, could i handle the skate banana or box scratcher?
    is the smallest size of skate banana really a 152??
    or would the box scratcher (145) be good for me?
    oh yeah and i have really small feet too.

  • Ty

    this board looks sick my buddy has one to bad it wont fit my size 14 shoe 🙁

  • Erin

    C’mon Lib! Girls want Skate Bananas, too! I’d definitely get one if I wasn’t 5’4 and about 100 lbs. Feels like I get no love from the manufacturers 🙁

  • Borrowed/stole one from the shop for the rest of the year…It’s loose skateboard trucks on snow! Thanks!

  • I’be been riding the Dark Series for 2 seasons now after switching from a Burton. Absolutely love it! I’ll never go back to Burton again.

  • Rich

    So Im in NZ and just picked up a 09 Dark series with banana and an 09 TRS with banana. Cant wait for the hills to open so I can try them out! The graphics are SIIIICK.

  • swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttt

  • I’ve ridden the Travis board and it is so sweet. Proper top 5 boards of all time. The only problem I have is explaining how good it is to people.
    This video sums it up pretty well (if I can work out how to link to it…
    Lib Tech Banana Technology video
    Anybody ridden the SKate version?