Three new things going on

1. New Marginal Way tee! $15 online (use our paypal) or $10 at
local sk8 shops. S, M, L, XL, XXL (Light grey shirt w/ black front
print). So far we have them in Snowboard Connection (Seattle
location), and soon they will be in Bomb Shelter, 35th, and
possibly a few other shops. Thank you Stone Fly Chris for donating
the tees and the printing (again). All money goes to MW for
2. Snowboard Connection is hosting a game of skate at Marginal Way
on Tuesday, June 19th – 3pm FREE ENTRY! Come down and enter or
watch. We will be there selling MW tee’s, water, and maybe BBQ?
3. Along with this event Snowboard Connection is hosting a HUGE day
for the upcoming Go Skate Day on Thursday, June 21st. Element Video
premier at Capitol Hill Arts Center at 5pm, BBQ, and skate jam at
SnoCon at 7-9pm, and then back up to Capitol Hill Arts Center for
live music after party from All Bets On Death and Marginal Way 21+
10pm. Plus $1 PBR beers with all the beer money going toward more
material for Marginal Way Skatepark. Go to the SnoCon website blog
for more info
Marginal Way Collective

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