Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Extension Ramp Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75


Lib Tech Kraftsmen and Rippers meet up at Mt Hood for a Banana Blowout Session.

We watched the Universal Sneaky Peek Premier, “Thanks Brain!”

Stan Tech does his hair via chair lift.

Guy (Peter Line) in the sky.

Grand Poobah Draplin Sr.

CL Smooth Banana

Danaus plexippus drive by too.

Oneball Jay

Bananas make Halfpipes )

Sammy Luebke just turned 18, Happy Bday!

NW Rep Kyle and his techies Kris Melton and new schooler Terry Parker demo bananas from parking lot.

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  • toecutter

    I saw that Terry parker up there, he drank my last beer and made fun of me. Kris Melton was nice he reinsured me he was a dick and not to listen to him.

  • anton

    guys, when we gonna see price list for all snowboards 0708? just can’t wait when im gonna get my trs mt bt 🙂

  • Sasquatch

    What an insanely hot week up here in the NW. I am thankfull for the glacier riding for sure!
    Sammy, Zach, Colin, Curtis, Danny, and many Mervin shredders are attacking Mt Hood for sure – no doubt. It is cool to see the stoke being played out in Oregon’s Hot Summer Shred Scene.
    Can’t wait to see Stanny’s footy. I hope he got Curtis in his pad-riding form on the QP. Insane what this new sport is doing for snowboarding!!
    Good to see the Cummins Clan killing it full bore. that boy cannon can throw a mean dog-stick. can’t wait to see him rip apart the NW mtns in the soon futrue! Paavo too – killing it!
    Annette, POS, Cobb, Saari, Ferrel, and Stanny holdin it down for the PA crew. Action Craftsmen attacking!!
    Terry and I took a crazy backwoods 4X4 mission between Ellensburg and Wenatchee on the way back. The Van Rips!!!!!!!!!
    Fun times – wish I was still there!!
    NW REP KP Sasquatch

  • Thom

    Look at all them people lined up to ride a banana!

  • Terry Parker

    They were all out, thats my board laying their Thom, demoed out about a mill bananas that day. So go ride your Killer loops JD Platt pro model at Blue swamp in Penn. state

  • Whatscum LIBerace

    First off I gotta thank Kyle Phillips. I met him @ the MBSS the day before Baker Baked Slalom..After I went off about how I love my Riders Choice MTX, he told me about this new Banana Tech!!I got to check out a few, even got to meet one of the builers, Pos!! After this experience alone I knew I had to have one.
    The next day I rode a Skate Banana for an hour or so, sooo much fun I had to do it again on sunday. At this point I was determined to leave the hill with one. I bugged Kyle and his crew so much, I tried everything!! But there was no luck.
    Long story short, I put money down on a TRS Banana Tech MTX sometime in June @ a local shop..the shop had put other orders in and where able to get me my board YESTERDAY!! That’s right..July 22nd, and I got a 159 TRS NANER!!:0 SOO STOKED. Thank’s for making this happen KP..LIB Tech RAWK’S..

  • rATzAS

    After all the hoopla and noise and smoke (what?) I just had to get a ‘nana Skate, especially after my son saw one demo’d at the Alyeska Board Camp this summer in Girdwood and told me about it….
    Got it July 28, 1st one sold in Alaska by Northern Boarder…..gonna be hard to wait for November….
    Gonna need another for him and…when ya gonna make the girl sizes….my lovely wife wants one too…..How about a 144-146 cm size maybe. She really likes her Roxy Magna-Traction she got last year, this would be the next step up for the girls to keep up.
    They will all be on the flight to Whistler in March….see ya there!

  • lachie

    i want a banana where can i get one in scotland?
    and how much does it cost?

  • ricky

    after all those ‘bananas’ i brought for jackie, yous outta PAY me to EVEN ride one o’ dem dare “nanner’s, {….and,all those.in.the.know said,’huh.’}