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Mervin Company Party

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The Mervin company party was last weekend at the Port Angles Skate park. With tunes provided by DJstanselector, Mervin employees enjoyed ribs, chicken and salmon supplied by Blue Flame BBQ of P.A.

Lay up Technician and secret surfboard project helper Jeff “Hendo” Henderson destroyed the park and took home a sexy leg lamp.

Wood core production worker Luke Bugge took the 2nd place prize, a magnetraction skateboard.

Sales manager Greg Hughes came up with his family from the Utah “Mountain Center” And the guys that still commute from Seattle showed up a mere 4 hours late after a hectic travel through the Sequim Lavender Festival traffic and long ferry lines. All and all It was a great company picnic and a wonderful thanks from Mervin to all the nearly 80 employees…….Now back to work guys…..We’ve got deadlines to meet….
-Kraftsman Stan Tech

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  • jLO

    Lookin’ good Kempf, lookin’ good!

  • jLO

    Why is the Mountain Center always in quotes? Is it not in the “Mountain”s or is it really not a “center”?

  • Deaf Lee

    Long time no see, JKempfth. Looks like all is well and life is good for you out in Port Angeles. Think I could try and meet up with deadline to do edging as an employee again? -grin- nah, Im doing extremely well out in Vail. I intent to allocate some time this winter to pay you, mervin MFG (P.A. Office since Fisherman Termie’s a mervin-ghost-town), SCobbs, MOlson and good ole PSaari. Say, I hope J-9 still is active with Mervin MFG.
    Mervinly yours
    Deaf Lee