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Hello from Chile!!!
Wanted to send some photos and a bit of what I’ve been up to.

I left Seattle and arrived in Santiago, Chile the next morning middle of last week. What a long flight – especially if you are tall and your knees jam into the seat in front! We landed and after watching the luggage go around and around, I gave up. 2 board bags are MIA of course – stuck in LA. Oh well – time to go check out the Santiago and see what the haps for a day.

Santiago is a massive city with lots of cool things to check out. I took a cable car up a hill to check out the view. Amazing sunset on the Andes for sure!! Unfortunately I missed the shot for the camera but ya can see the mtns in the fotos. I Did get a shot of a guy that modified his bike. You gotta check his photo!

Santiago just had some snow for the first time in 20 or 25 years and it was muy frio! The Chileans were making Snowmen and driving around with them on their trunks and hoods of the cars! Crazy. The next morning my Chilean friend Matias picked me up and we were off to pick up my bags and head up to the
mountains. Sunny day so I was anxious to get-er. The road to the resorts is super windy and there was at least 70 turns – back and forth.

Pulling into Valle Nevado we could see insane lines and the powder was looking like 2 feet of dryness! Unbelieveable day shredding all the pow up!! Most of the lifts are POMA and T-BAR with a couple chairlifts. Found alot of good lines – windlips, pow slashes, and cat-track launchers. Super fun day for sure.

I checked into my Farellones Refugio (Hostel House) with multiple nations represented – Sweden, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and of course the tall Yankee! Super fun house and there is always something going on. Met some cool people already in just a couple days in this hopping ski-bum town. It’s funny – I am always asked where I am from and I say Seattle. I either get “Oh – I Love Grunge” or “Jamie Lynn.” Its funny for sure. So many stories to go into here – lots of characters and crazy times.

There are 3 connected resorts here – Valle Nevado, El Colorado, and La Parva. There is a ton of snow and Chile is having an all-time year. It’s been bluebird and now a new storm is just rolling in with good size flakes falling.

Holding tight in Farellones for this next round of snow and then I’ll travel on to some other shred spots! I’ll keep ya posted from down here in winter wonderland!

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  • Jay

    You’re big time now Kyle. Nice post.

  • bpm2000

    Canasto Fiesta? Deeelicious!

  • skunkape in SA

    Super fun trip! In Mendoza, Argentina making my way back to Santiago via bus over the Andes.
    Las Lenas was cool – lots of terrain, but I was missing those big dumps from last week. Sunny days and good times. Hate to leave, but gotta get back on the plane tonight.

  • Keep the pictures coming bro! Hope your flight back was alright!

  • Freeride

    Kick ass dude!