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Totally Tokyo

By Matt French

Last month, I had the privilege of spending 6 days in Tokyo with the Volcom art crew. It was Daven, Hovin, & Eddie from the Volcom art Department, and Haculla, Jamie Lynn, and me….as the featured artist contingency. We were there to put on an art show, to promote the Volcomic book, on the last stop of the Volcomics tour: the Claska Gallery.

Welcome to the flower zone.

I’ve never had so bad of jetlag, or had as much fun in recent history. Along with the crazy days and wild nights, we were able to eat good, and shop in what is considered to be the number one shopping district in the world, the Sha”boo-yah” district of Tokyo. You may have seen a dinosaur wandering across a building there in the movie “Lost in Translation”.

Entre Vu Tokyo

The whole time we were there, David, Monk, & Iceman were excellent hosts….paying for meals, insane taxis, and making sure we didn’t get lost in the second largest city in the world.
Viva la Volcomics!

A romantic dinner for ten.

Cameron Diaz is huge in Japan.

Robot Toilet

Pepto Cannondale

Matt wearing one of this season’s hottest chokers.

Matt French, 6 am, Ebisu station, Tokyo.


Gonna make you drink sweat.

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  • naim bossi

    pokari sweat is delicious. those little buggers sweat a lot to bottle it up.
    looks like a fun trip. volcomania!

  • Yeha Matt, looks like you had a sweet time. Thanks for doing the art to “Sentimental Values” the new one by Funner Films.