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Lib Tech Grip Job

Hey Lib Skates
I only skate Lib, and I always do something new with my grip tape since I’ll be looking at the same board for a few months. This time, I simply put LIB TECH on there by cutting my black grip and filling it with neon yellow grip. The board has been getting a lot of attention at Ollie’s in Florence and the extreme park in Louisville the past few weeks. The owner of Ollie’s thought it was just a spray paint job, but when he saw it was two kinds of grip, he said I should send in a picture. Please pass this on to other Lib employees and let them know they’ve got another loyal skater that tells everybody about Lib in big neon letters 🙂
Keep making great decks!

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  • stan

    SSIIICCCKKK!!!! that is rad, what font is that??