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Hot Dawgs and Handrails 2007

20070915_bearmtnhd&hr_029 copy.jpg
– 3rd Place Scott Stevens

Categories: Rippers

  • 66

    Is Scott on Lib now? He’s one of the most creative shreds out there now.

  • Jeepster

    Please tell me Scott Stevens is on the team! Makes sense if the most awesome rider on the planet at the moment gets on the best company in snowboardworld. Pick him up proper if you haven’t already.

  • Tim

    Yeah those guys are right you would have to be nutzzz to not pick up scott, he was my coach at HCSC.. that dudes awesome sickest rider

  • mike

    he is on capita. he was trying to get on lib but they dropped the ball. i guarantee it or your money back. capita is a better fit for a creative mind like his… although he slays everything he touches on that skate banana

  • Dan

    Who is more creative than Lib Tech?
    I don’t recall Capita re-inventing the way we build and ride snowboards.
    If you think coming up with new graphics season after season is a better fit for someone creative, than you’re falling behind the times.
    It’s not like lib has deep enough pockets to pick up what erver rider they like, when ever they want.