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Skate Banana Splits Down Fremont Ave

Gorilla tested.

Categories: Happened on a Banana!, Rippers

  • Frenchinator

    Faster Banana-cart, THRILL, THRILL, THRILL!

  • Sasquatch

    More Photos Here!!!
    nice work Banana Team!!!

  • terrence Parker

    It was a blast!!!!!!!!! Team banana killed it. Are skit sucked Sir mix alote said it was weak. But hey what did Sir Mix Alote say about you? Nothing that’s what i thought!!! We built the car in four days Give us five if you see us around Terry”Toecutter” Parker RED aka David Reagen and the driver None other than Joey” Wenatchee warrior” Mcguire. Thanks to Ronda, Tanner and Owen” your not my boss” Mcguire for the banana body and costums. And 1 more shout out to Revolution snow and skate in Wenatchee washington 509 665 6662 for financing the prodject. We use TRS banana tech because it is a little stiffer