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Lib Tech Bio Fuels

Norm has got the new Bio Pump working at the Mervin Factory.
Come by our factory sometime. Our dogs will bite you. Then we’ll kick you out.

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  • jLO

    That is so dope. Nice work.

  • lee

    Its time for all the snowboard factories to wake up,well i guess the china ones dont care…ALL HAIL MERVIN…

  • NW Sasquatch

    Love the old school pump… where did you find that?
    Not only does BioDiesel save the world, but it keeps your engine clean and quiet.
    The future Bio crop – Algae…..
    Super Rad – thanks Mervin!!!

  • Norm

    I found the pump for sale out here on the Olympic Peninsula… it’s an old Wayne pump, probably a Texaco pump from the early 1960’s. Daylin and I restored it and gave it a fresh coat of green paint (it was red)… put a new bio-tek filter on it, and it’s working killer.
    I agree that algae has more promise than soy or rapeseed, but the xylene extraction process for algae intimidates me. I think bio fuels as a whole are a temporary solution… we (the big we) need to practice conservation more than anything…