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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Jamie Lynn #2 most influential rider


Categories: Rippers

  • eric

    Yeah jamie is the shit!! he is a big reason why I’ve been riding Mervin sience 94

  • mervin4life

    still rippin my 98-99 lynn 159wide 😉 sick steez

  • miss the east!

    I was at a contest at Killington VT in about 1995, One of my bindings broke in the heal cup and was no longer ridable. I remember being in the lodge super bummed my day was over by 1:00pm, whatever though I was 15, I would have so many more days to ride. I don’t remember how it happened but Jamie Lynn and Dave Lee(whom were both there for the contest) started talking to me, I mentioned that my was done for the day because of my broken binding but it was all good because I was gonna get another pair in the next day or so…the next thing I know, Jamie pulls out a screwdriver, to remove his bindings…I can’t recall verbatim what he said but the dude took the bindings off his board to give to me so I could ride the rest of the afternoon…One of the most amazing things I have ever seen of a snowboarder…true professional and all class! Thanks Jamie!

  • Josh From Edmonton

    My first shop sponsor back in 93ish in Prince George, BC, hooked me up with my first Mervin – a Jamie Lynn Octopus something or other. I was hella stoked because I was at that point biting Jamie’s style (poorly)for about 2 or 3 years, and wanted one of his boards so bad. The first day on it was like snowboarding re-invented. Its been nothing but love ever since, and I have to say because of Jamie and Mervin I have been able to make a living in snowboarding ever since. Jamie is NUMBER 1 in my top 20, and I just wanna throw in that if you aren’t riding a Mervin, you aren’t riding a real snowboard. Have a nice winter everyone.

  • Jamie is a NW charger. He sees lines beyond most others. In the summer of 1991(?) I remember following a few feet behind Jamie down a trail to the emerald green Sandy River, a favorite swim hole of the Hood locals. Suddenly he takes off running towards this small opening in the trees and blindly busts a front one-and-a-half into the abyss below! Another time at Boreal he pointed it from the top to up down ramp of the abandoned chair #2 and super gapped entire flatland 15-20 feet below clearing 50-60 feet into the next down slope. No cameras. No video. No “hey did you see what I did?” to massage the ego. Just pure charging for the self. He, along with Travis Rice, Jon Cardiel, and a few others are on another level.